Tuesday, February 09, 2016

4th Annual My Town - My Motorcycle Day - February 13th 2016

Coming This Saturday!

Our great friends at +GetGeared.co.uk are donating a Drift Stealth 2 Action Camera to the post that is most plussed, shared and commented on. The two runners up will win Held 9695 Slade Jumpsuit Onesies so they can have sweet motorcycling dreams.

Details of how to enter here: https://goo.gl/58vh7D

#MyTownMyMotorcycle #WoMoCo

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Carl Fogarty Replica Shark Speed-R Helmet Won

+Wiggysan Wiggysan won this 20th Anniversary Carl Fogarty Replica Shark Speed-R helmet courtesy of +Firecrest Motorcycle Outfitters and #womoco .

Thanks to everyone who entered and look out for more great events as our community continues to grow.  Click on the hashtag #myoldlid  to see all the entries.

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Friday, March 06, 2015

The new motorcycle training program in California is a big success

A couple of days ago I got a letter from a friend of mine who is involved in the development and management of the new California Motorcycle Safety Program and it seems like the program is being widely accepted and praised by instructors and students alike. Here is a transcript of his letter (published with permission):

It is now the first of March, since we started the transition to the new program here in California we have now had over 300 of the existing instructors get updated to the new program. We still have training going on including training for new instructors starting this month. (In fact in case you are still interested we will be doing one in May in Merced). Our transition team was assembled from the best trainers from across the country, and they all worked hard to make sure that the instructors are successful. It was a monumental task and our team pulled it off in grand fashion.

The first approved sites were up, running and able to start offering training in the middle of January just a couple days after the official contract was signed. As of March 1st almost all of the state sites are up and running. Every site owner I have spoken with is telling me how much they like the new program and how much the students are getting from it as well. Both the students and the instructors are excited! All sites I have spoken with are booked out two to four weeks in advance right now.

Students leave the class so excited they are asking what other training they can do and the instructors are also excited to learn more. Most instructors not only want to take more advanced classes now that they realize there is so much more to learn, they are excited to teach them as well. As a result we are already offering many of our intermediate classes all over the state (And they are part of the CMSP Premier Program) and they fill up almost as soon as we post them. This is a great shift in how the instructors think; now many realize that they themselves have a lot to learn as riders to be better and safer. We can never learn too much and we should never stop learning. They are excited to work toward making themselves better riders and instructors.

We have managed to change the emphasis from getting a license to getting trained to ride better. Things are moving in the direction we had hoped, but faster than we expected. It is also amazing to see the interest from other states in what we are doing. We are fielding questions and interest from several other states. Up until this happened here, other states had very limited options for alternatives to what the MSF offered for classes. Now that there are options people are all watching and asking. As a result of all this we are working 7 days a week and 10 to 14 hours a day. I have no complaints; I know that being a part of all this has been worth it.

I'm excited to see how this turns out in the long run but, for starters, the new program seems to me like a big hit already.

Kudos for the State of California, the California Highway Patrol and the Total Control team for putting this together.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We Are Now 20,000 Members Strong.

We have reached a total of 20,000 members on Google+ and the World Motorcycle Community   #womoco  would like to thank all of you for joining us.  To do this we have some special rewards for you.  Take a look.

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+Ride2Roam are offering a €100 discount on their tour prices for one week after we reach 20,000 members and a permanent discount of €50 on future tours. Use the code #womoco .

Now It’s Your Turn
Make a post to our community introducing yourself and your interest in motorcycling with a photo of yourself and your motorcycle - if you have one. If you have any ideas about how we can improve#womoco  please let us know.  Finally good luck and enjoy the celebrations.

Your moderators:  +Karl Hargreaves  +Speed Triple & R1200GS +John Nelson  +Kev Quirk  +Ofir Ramirez-Rios  +MichaƂ Mikulski  and me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Help #WoMoCo Celebrate 20,000 Members

Calling all motorcycle related companies, or anyone else for that matter, who would like to help the World Motorcycle Communityhttp://goo.gl/Izb3q - celebrate reaching 20,000 members.

We already have a permanent offer of 10% discount from +Firecrest Motorcycle Outfitters and we are talking to +GetGeared.co.uk about their proposals.

If you can offer something towards the celebrations, be it big or small, then please send a message to worldmotorcyclist@gmail.com, contact me on Hangout or send me a private message on Google+.

Thanks for your help.

Friday, January 30, 2015

19,000 Members In #WoMoCo!

19,000 Members In  #WoMoCo !

Well done everyone and especially our great contributors and team of moderators.  If you've joined but not posted yet why not take the opportunity now to post a photo of your bike and introduce yourself?

On the road to 20,000 members!

Thanks to +John Kapelakis for the photo.


Watch out for great giveaways for our 20,000 member anniversary.

#womoco Calendar

If you have any motorcycling events coming up share a link to your Google Calendar or tell us about the event in the comments below.  This calendar appears permanently in the right hand column of our blog and is linked to on our 19,000 member Google+ community.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

California is dropping the MSF motorcycle training program and adopting a new one run by Lee Parks and his Total Control team

Original article: http://www.ofirmx.com/blog/2014-12-28/california-dropping-msf-going-to-lee-parks-total-control/50

As some of you may already know, the state of California just recently dropped the riders' training program that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation had been providing for many years and replaced it with a new program developed and managed by Lee Parks, the author and creator of the very successful Total Control book and riding clinic. The change will become effective starting January 1st, 2015.

This switch in programs has raised many questions both from riders and instructors alike, so a few days ago I had the opportunity to discuss this with a friend of mine who is involved in the new program. He gladly agreed to answer some of those questions but, for privacy reasons, asked me not to divulge his name. Below is a transcript of the Interview:

Everyone is making their own conclusions so I would like to hear it from you. What is the reason behind this change in the California Motorcyclist Safety Program?

The California Motorcyclist Safety Program contract was up for bid as required, there was concern for the health of the program due to the rising accident and death rates in the state. As a result of these climbing statistics when the CHP put the contract out for bid they wanted more control over the program and so the new contract had more requirements to meet. The MSF did not bid on the new contract so it wasn't a takeover; there was only one bidder for the contract.

The Existing programs run by Total Control are amazing and have an almost 20 year proven track record. From the Press release and the additional information that has been written on many of the motorcycle forums and from what I know it appears that the Folks at Total Control have the new Motorcycle Training Course well in hand. They have taken a proven program run by the State of Idaho and infused it with the knowledge and experience gained from being riders and from running the Original Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics for years.

Will the new CMSP program take the Total Control name or are the two programs going to remain separate?

No. California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) and the training course will be called the Motorcycle Training Course. (MTC)

Everybody knows Total Control is one of the most recognized intermediate and advanced riding programs available. What can new riders expect from the new program in comparison to what they got from the more traditional MSF training courses?

The new program is a Basic Rider Course for new and beginning riders. So unlike the advanced programs the course will cover the information needed for new riders.

You are probably familiar with the Team Oregon Program that started after the MSF changed its basic rider program to the BRC around 2002. The people in charge in Oregon at the time were not happy with the new BRC and so developed their own new rider training program that was in some ways based on the MSF's old program which was the Motorcycle Rider Course: Riding and Street Skills program (MRC RSS). Following the introduction of the new Oregon program, Idaho took what Oregon had developed and made it their own. That program has evolved through the years and been modified to be better. From the information that has been provided the new program here in California will be based on the existing Idaho program. This new program is more focused on cornering and breaking which is where most of the motorcycle accidents occur.

The new curriculum will also give the students much more seat time (miles ridden) during the class. The average student will ride around thirty miles per class.

Of course classroom delivery will be different and more like the current Total Control classes. The program is more focused on the riding gear and the risks of riding.

A few days ago I saw a discussion online from a current MSF coach in California who was uncertain about what is going to happen to him and his colleague trainers. Do you have anything to say to them?

The roll out of a new program will require each instructor to go through an instructor update that will take three to five days. Some may feel this is a lot to ask of the instructor corp. If the MSF had bid on and won the new program the New MSF BRC would have been introduced in California as it is in other states. This change would also have required the instructor corp to also go through a three day update.

Total Control is going to do it's best to get them all up to speed as quickly as they can; I hope that the current instructors keep an open mind and when looking forward remember why we are in this. I cannot speak for everyone but I know that I am in this for the benefit of the riders.

I'm assuming you guys are doing everything you can to involve all the current coaches with the new program and not leave anyone behind.

We are giving all the existing Rider Coaches the opportunity to be trained in the new course. There may be many who do not want to make a change at this time and will no longer involved. We are expecting everyone who wants to move forward to be able to do so. If someone cannot meet the requirements on the first time around they will have the opportunity to give it a shot again at a later time.

And I understand motorcycle coaching is really not a high-paying job. It's mostly a voluntary thing that coaches do for the love of motorcycling.

Correct. I've been teaching riding for more than fifteen years -twenty if you count my off-road stuff- and all this time I've been maintaining a full time job as well. So we may have some instructors out there who may only teach a couple of classes a year and may not be ready to make another change -which they would have to even if the MSF had stayed in California. But at the same time we've also had a lot of enquiries from people who want to teach the new curriculum who aren't currently instructors.

For the last few years it's been discussed by riders and coaches how the MSF has oversimplified their courses and how their basic course is not really enough to survive riding in a real world scenario. How do you think this move in California will affect the MSF curricula?

Personally, I kind of felt that way when they made the switch to their current Basic Rider Course and the new switch seems to take the instructor out of the equation even more.
The Total Control basic curriculum is setup different than the MSF's basic curriculum; we have different goals and our ultimate one is to make safe and responsible motorcyclists. We are going to include more seat time, more cornering, more braking; all those things that the rider needs.

Do you foresee other States following what California just did and adopting other non-MSF training programs?

I'm sure all eyes in the country are watching California right now. Over the years, there have been other states that have become unhappy with what is going on with MSF. Going all the way back to 2002 when Oregon and Idaho stood up because they weren't happy and there have been other states that have been looking into it. Then there were lawsuits with MSF suing Oregon and things like that which made other states hesitant to move forward, but I think now -with the new curriculum available- it may come to pass, that other states will also switch.

Thank you very much for your time, I really think this is going to answer some of the main questions around this switch in the motorcycle training program in California.

You are welcome. I mean, our goal, of course, is to reduce accidents. I'm a rider, you are a rider, and the last thing we want to see is more motorcycle fatalities.
Again, I'm not here to bash the MSF, I think they've done a great work over the years but like I said, they didn't bid on the contract so it wasn't like someone stole it away from them or anything. We are all trying to achieve the same goal which is to avoid fatalities and keep people from getting hurt.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Active Posters - Peter Berndt

We have some prolific contributors to the World Motorcycle Community and we will occasionally feature them here.  Below are just a tiny proportion of the photos that +Peter Berndt has posted to #womoco and here you can see more of his posts here.  If you like what he's posting be sure to add him to your circles.

16,000 Members and Climbing!

World Motorcycle Community - #womoco .

Is someone paying people to join?  Or could it be the great content that our active members are contributing?  Whatever it is that a massive increase in a short time.  Welcome To Our Community all you new members.  Tell us a little bit about yourselves, your bikes, rideouts, racing and favourite motorcycling stories.

Thanks to all our moderators for their continuing hard work to keep the community interesting.

#womoco16000   #gobsmacked  

Moderators Choice - October 2014 Posts

Here is my choice from October 2014's posts to #womoco .  I really like the first photo and the event looked to be such a laugh.

The photo will appear as the header for the +World Motorcyclist  page and the background to our hub - womoco.org.

Nice post +Kevin Hagen .   #modschoice  
Show less
Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, Milwaukee, September 28 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

11,000 members in Womoco!

by +Ofir Ramirez-Rios 

Thank you, and you, and you. Oh yes, and you, and you too. Also you, and you. Yes, you, the guy on the motorcycle, you too! And you, and you...

Yes, thank you to all of our eleven thousand members for being with us, following us, posting interesting stuff and making the World Motorcycle Community the greatest motorcycle community on the interwebz (sic).

Also thank you to our sponsors and fellow moderators for all the time and effort you share with us to keep this place sane and growing.

Let's go for many thousands more!

#womoco #11000 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Motorcycle Story Weekend - July 25th, 26th and 27th 2014

Calling all motorcyclists on Google+ and beyond. Please Share This Post.

#MyMotorcycleStory  - Prizes

+GetGeared.co.uk are providing gift tokens for the posts that receive the most +1’s and comments combined.  The prizes are £150 first place, £100 second place and £50 third place.  +GetGeared.co.uk ship internationally so you can all enter. Entries will be judged at 12 noon Monday 4th August.  Good Luck.

Post photos and short videos (60 seconds or less) on My Motorcycle Story Weekend - July 25th, 26th and 27th 2014 showing your history of motorcycles and including the stories associated with them.  You can post as many photos or videos as you like - in fact the more the merrier as we are trying to get the hashtag #MyMotorcycleStory  to trend on Google+ and raise the profile and image of motorcycling here.

New to motorcycling?  That’s great because we want to hear your story of why you started riding too.  We would love to see every motorcyclist on Google+ and elsewhere posting at least one story over that weekend.  It is important to include the hashtag#MyMotorcycleStory  so that we can find your posts.

If you're out on the weekend of July 25th, 26th and 27th and you see a bike like one you used to own why not take a photo of it and ask the owner how they got started?  Let’s use our online motorcycle social networking to add to our real life social networking.

The hashtag #MyMotorcycleStory  should first be used on July 25th 2014 if this campaign is to be successful. Please don't use it before this date, thank you.

My Motorcycle Story Weekend - July 25th, 26th and 27th 2014 is supported by the following communities:

1 - World Motorcycle Community -gplus.to/worldmotorcyclecommunity
2 - Women Motorcycle Enthusiasts - http://goo.gl/LJQYQm
3 - Motorcycle Roadracing - http://goo.gl/z4G8HC
4 - Classic and Neo Classic Motorcycles - http://goo.gl/hvgRCl
5 - YouTube Adventurers - http://goo.gl/iIdVgi
6 - UK Motorcycle Riders - http://goo.gl/Hf5aZ6
7 - Basic Motorcycle Mechanics - http://goo.gl/GHxx1F
8 - Aussie Motorcycle Riders - http://goo.gl/JxVclB
9 - BMW Motorrad European Riders - http://goo.gl/vlWEyL
10 - Motorcycle Riders - http://goo.gl/mTchgg
11 - Motorcycle Community Moderators - http://goo.gl/qewK1t
12 - Motorcycle Photography Community - http://goo.gl/9ASWdB
13 - Motorcycle Book Club - http://goo.gl/L85xaP
14 - Motorcycle Places To Stay - http://goo.gl/7HM8L1
15 - Motorcycle Traders Community - http://goo.gl/erf6y2

If you want to add your community to the list comment below or send a message to +World Motorcyclist.

Event supported by +GetGeared.co.uk.  The decision of the moderators is final on prizes.