Sunday, December 03, 2006

Emigration - 31 December 1988

Emigrating with my Pan European to Spain. Waved goodbye to Liz, my wife, Rosie, my daughter and Rita and Reg, Liz's Mam and Dad heading off for a new life in Castalla near Alicante in Spain. Liz and Rosie were flying down a couple of days later - no sense of adventure or wish to suffer hypothermia. Set off from Southport in the sunshine and reached the motorway in cloud. It didn't rain until I reached Oxford and the weather was reasonable considering the time of year.

I only made one stop on the journey down to Portsmouth and that was at a mind numbing motorway service station - god knows where, they all seem the same. Arrived early at the Brittany Ferries terminal and got talking to Nick, from Wigan, who was taking his Yamaha FZR400 to sell to his mate in Villajoyosa, that's one hell of a journey on a bike with a tiny sports seat. Nick has a 3 year old son but has recently split up with his girlfriend and is feeling down and hence he is making this trip to see his mate and take his mind off things.

Next.... 24 hours on the Ferry from Hell.