Friday, March 02, 2007

MotoMania Column

Article appeared in the Inland Trader - March 2007

Welcome to the March edition of Tour and Tracks’ MotoMania column. As you can see from the up and coming events there is plenty to do for motorcycle enthusiasts this month and throughout the year.

Second Sunday Ride Out
In February we rode down to the classic bike market in Alicante and then on to Santa Pola via the strangest route ever. We got to see some areas of Alicante that we didn’t know existed and weren’t planning on visiting if it hadn’t been for the questionable navigating skills of Derek (I’m not lost) Candy on his GoldWing fitted with GPS!

The classic bike market was fascinating as there were bikes that were wrecks and the finished restored item as well as stalls selling what seemed like junk but what appeared to the bike restorer as gold. One item that caught everyone’s eye was the 50cc moped with a woven wicker sidecar.

The next Second Sunday Ride Out is on 11th March at 9:30am from Meson El Jardin, Castalla.

At last!
The Spanish minister for transport has realised that Spain has more motorbike riders than any where else in Europe. He has finally accepted the new European ruling on motorcycling (act No looflirpa01042007) and has decided to pilot it here in the Valencia region. What is the new ruling I here you ask?

On the first Sunday of April 2007, between the hours of 8.00 am until 12.00 noon all main roads can only be used by motorcycles. No cars, buses or Lorries will be able to use the roads. The police have been notified and will impose a 300 € fine to any offenders. The only exception is in a life or death emergency where an ambulance can be used. Minor injuries will have to wait until after 12.00 noon. The minister hopes it will be a huge success and is hoping to bring his own bike down to the region to enjoy the experience with the rest of the motorbike community.

Will all readers please make sure they know what day the first Sunday falls on!

Young Riders
According to the weekend of 17th and 18th February the circuit of Can Padró, Barcelona, hosted an event involving more than 50 girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 12, who were there to try one of the motos that will dispute the Catalan class of Promovelocidad in its respective categories: the PromoRACC 50 and PromoRACC70.

The organisers decided to suspend the track events due to the rain and safety considerations. In spite of the bad weather, the young riders didn't leave empty handed as they took advantage of the occasion to be try the official equipment of each rider for the 2007 season as well as the bikes. The smile on the face of the children was the best gift for their parents and the organisers.

March sees the start of the MotoGP in Qatar and the first European round in Jerez on 25th March. We have booked the hotel and the tickets for the weekend so if you need tickets get in touch soon – they are selling out quickly. Who do you think will win this year?

Kit Makes Scooter Fly!
What next … Pigs? It’s the ultimate way to beat traffic jams. Just take off and fly over them. The Flite Bike kit transforms a Honda Reflex scooter into a flying motorcycle. The kit includes a custom Flite Bike airframe, ram-air powered parachute canopy wing and a 65-hp Rotax 582 liqiuid-cooled 2-cycle aircraft engine with a 4-blade composite prop. The company claims the rig represents “the world’s first roadable powered parachute.”

Up and Comming Events:
· 4th March – World Superbikes, Phillip Island, Australia.
· 4th March – Tavernes Valldigna – Ximo: 654 354 618
· 10th March – MotoGP, Qatar.
· 11th March – Second Sunday Ride Out, El Jardin, Castalla.
· 17th and 18th March – World Superbike Tests, Valencia.
· 17th and 18th March – Benicarló – Floren: 627 253 243
· 17th and 18th March – Catalan Motorcycling Championship – Catalunya.
· 24th March – Ducatti Twin Challenge, Cartagena.
· 25th March – MotoGP, Jerez, Spain.
· 31st March – MAC 90 The Race, Cartagena.
· 31st March and 1st April – Motorcycling Championship of Castilla La Mancha, Albacete.

See you next month.
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