Monday, April 02, 2007

Las Vegas Ride Out - 06 March 2007

So we arrived in Las Vegas the day before after a series of plane journeys that seemed to last for ever. We were knackered but determined to make the most of it, we being Fina, Liz, Octavio and me.

Liz had arranged to hire a couple of BMW's from a dealer 'BMW Motorcycles of Las Vegas' on South Tenaya Way. Remember that road name!

After lots of form filling, helmet trying, bike inspecting and just plain gossiping we took possession of the two bikes in the picture. Are Germans all tall and do they have strange shaped arses because I've got to say that the 1200 GT that I rode had one of the highest most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat on and Octavio could hardly reach the floor on either of them. Liz and Fina said that their seats were very comfortable.

Our original plan was to go to Red Rock Canyon, to the west of Las Vegas, but Troy, from the BMW dealers suggested we go to the Valley of Fire State Park and the Hoover Dam. He said it was a comfortable ride and we should easily be back by 5pm. We left the dealers heading off in what I thought was the right direction but when we came back past the dealers on the Interstate I knew that something wasn't going to plan. Anyway, after lots of shouting at each other Liz and I finally headed the bikes towards the Hoover Dam.

To be continued ....