Saturday, April 21, 2007

Peter Dawson to Ride in TT

Club President Peter Dawson will be taking part in the Isle of Man TT this year as part of the centenary celebrations. The bike Peter will be riding is the 1911 TT Matchless pictured left.

In the words of Peter, "This is the bike I will be riding in the re-enactment of the first TT in the Isle of Man. Although the first TT was held in 1907 they are allowing bikes of the general era as there are not enough of the 1907 bikes left.
There is no gearbox or clutch - when the engine stops the bike stops. It is rated at 3.5 hp which equates to 500 cc. as far as I know this was made for the TT for the year 1911 and is the only one left. The brakes leave something to be desired but luckily all the bikes will be going the same way."

There was a rumour that Peter was at the first TT. Good Luck Peter.
The re-enactment is on 28th May at 10am. Send your messages of support to Peter at