Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Expensive Insurance - Your Experience

After years of negotiating with a local insurance agent I thought that we were approaching an agreement on cheaper insurance for bikers and in some circumstances we have achieved this but it is still a fact that in comparison to UK insurance the cost of insuring a Spanish motorcycle in Spain is ridiculously high.

MAPFRE seems to be showing as the cheapest and best quality insurer on comparative web sites but Tour and Track has managed to consistently offer a cheaper and equally high quality insurance policy. It seems that if you negotiate you can get a better deal. It is also apparent that the combined buying power of a club is much more useful in achieving reductions in costs.

Another influencing factor over the cost of bike insurance is if you insure your car, house, life or whatever with the same broker and in these circumstances you can usually save enough in the cost of your other insurance policies to pay for your bike insurance. In Spain you need to think of the whole insurance package.

Now there are plenty of bikers hanging on to their UK registration to insure their bikes in the UK and despite the questionable legality of this who can blame them?

So what is your experience with insurance? Is the UK the cheapest for bikers insurance in Europe? Add your comments below.