Monday, June 18, 2007

The June Second Sunday Ride Out

by Howard Martin

The ride was preceded by watching a vintage car and bike rally leave Castalla. This was an entertaining and spectacular event with adults crammed into Fiat 500s, side car combinations with all the family hanging on and even, what looked like, an old wartime German staff car.

Unfortunately the day started to be wet before we left. Several of the group persuaded Sue that although wet stuff was falling down it wasn't rain (Sue doesn't drive in the rain) and she could still go for a ride. With this settled we decided to visit Aigues but Bruce planned a separate route more suited to his quad. Having set off, the biking group promptly went to El Campello. This was because of a wrong turning and more of the wet stuff coming down. The stop in El Campello was at K'Joan & Milu's Moroccan bar (wrong time for belly dancing and too wet anyway). Unfortunately we had no means of communicating with Bruce who may still be trawling the bars in Aigues looking for wet and lost bikers.

Sue had a brilliant idea for the route back. The only trouble was that it was track-like and more normally commandeered by goats rather that bikes. However, there was very little traffic and the scenery was fantastic. It also meant that there were a few very honoured people that were able to witness a very rare sighting; dirt on Barry's bike!! Perhaps it was cruiser country as Alan and Pat seemed to enjoy.

So for the sorries...
Sorry to Bruce for loosing him again.
Sorry to Ivor and Barry for no speed and no distance
Sorry to Sue for the wet stuff

by Sue Martin

Having recently gotten into the biking idea (if you can't beat em join em), I'm adding some "girls bike too" perspectives which affect the normal boys stuff of "lets put in a lot of mileage and hoon up the speed whenever we can!" Tracks have nice scenery and blossoms on the wayside which are pretty to see and smell wonderful, so at any given chance I do try to divert for blossom smelling. Market stopping is good too, but I think that might be pushing my luck. (Aigues has a Sunday one that I kept quiet about!!)