Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jorge Lorenzo Joins Yamaha GP Team

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Monovar 2007

by Will Kemp

This was a ´last minute´ notification from one of the T´n´T members and had a choice of two events over the week-end of 30/1st July. Saturdays event was held in Monovar bull-ring, the Plaza de Toros and had shops,drink,classic bike display,a well organised run around most of the streets of the town and not forgetting the GO-GO girls!!!also a live group playing mainly biker'ish songs in English.

Sundays event was in Alguena, both places near to Alicante, and was the XV11 Trofeo de Velocidad with 80cc, 125cc and classic classes. The racing apparently is a much smaller version of the T.T. where the racing takes place through the town and surrounding area. Unfortunately could only do one event so plumped for Saturday at Monovar.

This event was sponsored by at least 50+ firms and had streets closed to normal traffic. There were also 2 or 3 local police cars, a 4x4 with flashing roof lights from the 'proteccion civil' and an ambulance which followed the ride around the town. When we arrived, we had missed out on the free beer which was offered at the entrance and made our way into the bull ring. Quite an impressive sight, the 2 young ladies walking about with not a lot on!no, the stage and things. One was wearing a silverskirt about 6 inches wide.ooops getting carried away there!
After a while of looking around it was time for more noise, there were 2 or
3 organisers with bull horns trying to get all the bikes in some sort of order and while this was going on there were a few bikes getting the nuts ripped out of them and then getting the kill switch on and off, making an almighty bang when the fuel ignited. How the engines kept going after that treatment is any bodies guess. (When I used to do it I usually had to rebuild the bl66dy engine.) There must have been about 2 hundred bikes, trikes, quads, scooters and Herbie the Volkswagen on the run and I think there was only one casualty when one bike tried to park at one of the stops,on the pavement. The bike didn`t want to get bumped up so went base over apex onto the road.

Went back to the bull ring and the bucking bronco was being set up and the band was doing a couple of numbers as a warm up. Not bad group either.

Stayed for another hour or so and made our way back to the house, another hour and a half journey. Again well worth the time going and the usual photos coming up.