Monday, September 24, 2007

Diary of a Goldwinger Part 3 - Andalucia 2007

Since buying our new Goldwing we have been invited to attend several different concentrations by Alberto from Goldwing Cruz del Sur and the last invite was to go to Andalucia to the Goldwing Club Andalucia, this club is a section of the Goldwing Club España.

In the UK the G.W.O.C.G.B. is devided into regions, I think there are approx 11 regions of the G.W.C.ES plus the Goldwing Association España.

We set off at 7.45 Saturday morning to meet Juan and his wife at Yecla bus station at 830, we left early so we could get a coffee before setting off to meet other wingers on the journey down to Jaen.

Silly me did I really think that Juan would stop at the bus station bar without his usual coffee and brandy, we left Yecla at 9am for the journey down to Andalucia, whilst the weather was not great it stayed dry and we met up with Alberto and his wife and a new winger on his first wing and his first concentration, having got the introductions to Paco done it was another coffee ( with brandy for Juan ) and off we went. Alberto and Paco had rode through a lot of rain so we felt lucky to have avoided that. as we rode further down the weather became warmer and sunnier and it was proving to be a good ride down, somewhere en route we met up with another winger Misty and his wife who ride a very nice 1500, Misty is a photographer who we met up with on a recent trip to Caravacca, he is a larger than life character, a professional photographer and his camera is never far away.
We arrived in Jaen at 3 o'clock and silly us thought it would be to the hotel to get booked in and parked up.

No chance we found a restaurant after following a lottery ticket seller who we had stopped and asked for directions, we will have tappas and a drink here were the instructions, after having 9 different huge plates of fantastic tasty but bloody expensive tappas we set off to the hotel, as there was not a map to been seen we enjoyed????????? a ride around Jaen and found the hotel about 5 pm, a very nice 4star hotel with a few Goldwings outside.Sorted out our pre booked rooms, a quick shower and met on the patio for a few beers, about 7.30 approx 50 wings turned up, back from an organised ride out, don't know where they had been but it always looks an awesome sight when Goldwings ride out together.

Having met many knew wingers and some we already know we went to inscription and collected our goodie bags, and very good they were, a nice dress shirt for the lads and a nice blouse for the lasses, a couple of pins and badges, pens, lighters and information books on the area.
At 10oclock it was into the suite for the 4 course meal again with enormous amounts of drink all included in the inscription price, a singer was laid on and a good night was had by all, to see some of the wingers and wives flamenco dancing was fantastic.

Sunday was breakfast and a ride to the towns of Baeza and Ubeda, Baeza is a lovely town with a fantastic square which was quickly filled by the 90 or so wings that had rode together for the 30 or so Ks. Much the same as a gathering of Goldwings in the UK we soon attracted the locals and visitors alike and much the same as the UK the questions are the same, How fast, how heavy and how much to they cost. Many of the wingers went on the organised walk around the town with a guide, Lorna and I went as far as the local church which was spectacular and then off for a coffee in the square.

A very loud airhorn signalled the end of the visit and we rode to the town of Ubeda to a bar for more food and drink again all included in the inscription price. After a very nice buffet ( we would call it) we began our trip back to Alicante, Lorna and I were amazed as we rode through miles and miles of olive tree plantations, we must have rode for at least an hour with olive trees on both side of the road. I am told it is the biggest olive growing area in Spain.
We encountered some very good roads on the journey home and soon covered the Ks to arrive home about 8pm.

Another fantastic weekend, another fantastic performance from the bike, roll on next weekend when we are travelling up north for another night out with the Goldwing Club España. All I know is its about 350ks north of Alicante and is in the mountains, could be a bit chilly was the warning and we are going out on quads, watch this space.