Monday, October 29, 2007

Elias To d'Antin Ducati For 2008

Elias To d'Antin Ducati For 2008 News Article //

Bradley Smith secures new team for 2008

BBC SPORT Motorsport Motorbikes Smith secures new team for 2008

Saturday, October 27, 2007

2 MotoGP Tickets For Valencia!!

Due to a winner of 2 tickets for the Red Stands being unable to attend we have those tickets available. If you want them send your bid to The actual cost of each ticket is 78 € from Pole Position Travel. 156 € for 2. MOVE FAST - ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT!!

Debido a un ganador de 2 entradas para el Stand Rojo incapaz asistir nosotros tenemos esos entradas disponible. Si usted los quiere envía su oferta a El costo real de cada entrada es 78 € del Pole Position Travel. 156 € para 2. HACER PRONTO - SOLO UNA SEMANA!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

II Manifestación Nacional Motera - GUARDARRAILES ASESINOS

Sábado, 10 de Noviembre de 2007
Unidad Motera
Parking del Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - 15:30h

Desde Levante: E.S. Repsol (frente Decatlon), la salida San Vicente del Raspeig, por AP-7. Salida hacia Madrid: 10:30h.
Desde Valencia:Gasolinera La Carreta, N-III a la altura del circuito de Cheste. Salida hacia Madrid: 10:30h.

NOTA IMPORTANTE: La ruta de ida hacia Madrid, se hará respetando celosamente la velocidad legal y manteniendo la distancia de seguridad.Colaboran todos los motoclubs, colectivos moteros y medios especializados de prensa de España.

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Domingo, 21 de Octubre de 2007
Peña Motera Torremoto
Parque Antonio Soria - (junto Aquapark Torrevieja)
651 51 67 90
Apertura de inscripciones, camiseta de regalo.Ruta motera, exhibición de motos, cerveza, go-go's y mucho más. Ven y pásatelo motoguay.

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Bugarra Valencia

Thursday, October 18, 2007

8ª Matinal Motera Feria de Ontinyent

El MotoClub Ontinyent organiza la 8ª Matinal Motera Feria de Ontinyent para el Domingo día 11 de Noviembre de 2007.

A las 9 h. de la mañana apertura de inscripciones en el recinto ferial (8 €) con almuerzo, camiseta y regalos.

Después del almuerzo ruta turística y baritima, exhibiciones y pruebas.

A las 14 h. entrega de trofeos.

Para mas información llamar a Fran 606004274 o a Oscar 669747967 o también enviar un E_Mail a

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Castle Tour - Ruta de los Castillos

We went ahead with the Castle Tour today which was cancelled from yesterday. Obviously all the people who planned to come yesterday couldn't make it today but during the day we had more than 30 bikes on the trip. Everyone attending received the collection of castles.

Nosotros proseguimos con la Ruta de los Castillos hoy qué era suspendido ayer. Obviamente todas las personas que planearon venir ayer no podrían hacerlo hoy pero durante el día nosotros teníamos más de 30 motos en el viaje. Todos asistiendo recibieron la colección de castillos.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Castle Tour Cancelled Due To Torrential Downpour

The rain is still falling in Castalla after more than 24 hours of torrential rain which has put the final events of La Foia Motorcycle Week in jeopardy. If you are planning on comming to the events of this weekend please ring 678 628 660 for the latest information.

Ruta de los Castillos suspendido para la lluvia torrencial.
La lluvia continuara en Castalla despues de mas de 24 horas de lluvia torrencial que pones los ultimos eventos de La Foia Semana de Motos en riesgo de suspencion. Llama 678 628 660 para el ultimo informacion.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

They May Be Old But They Can Move!

These are pictures from todays Ride Out to Font Roja. Some were just too fast for the camera!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ride Out - Villena

Today was a very sad day for all of us when we learned of the death of Vicente Belando Garcia, a member of the 'Club Museo Vehiculos Antiguos "Alto Vinalopo" - Villena. Vicente was killed on his way to meet us at Las Virtudes for almuerza. Our sympathies go to his family and friends.

8th October Ride Out - La Foia Semana de Motos

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

La Foia International Motorcycle Week - Exhibition

Today, Sunday 7th October, we finished setting up the Classic Motorcycle Exhibition in the Casa de Cultura in Castalla, Alicante. The exhibition is due to open tomorrow but members of the Club Museo Vehiculos Antiguos "Alto Vinalopo", which is based in Villena, came along on their classic bikes to check on the progress. The Villena Club has supplied most of the bikes on display and we are very grateful to them.

Hoy, domingo 7 octubre, nosotros terminamos la escena a la Exhibición de la Motocicletas Clásicas en el Casa de Cultura en Castalla, Alicante. La exhibición es debida abrir a mañana pero miembros del Club el Museo Vehiculos Antiguos "Alto Vinalopo" que es basado en Villena vino en sus motos clásicas para inspeccionar el progreso. El Club de Villena ha proporcionado la mayoría de las motos en el despliegue y nosotros agradecemos a ellos.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Honda Announces 2008 Motorcycle Models for Europe

Honda Worldwide October 1, 2007 "Honda Announces 2008 Motorcycle Models for Europe"

La Foia International Motorcycle Week - Interview on Onda 15 Radio

Vicente Navarro and Lol Duffy from the organising group of the La Foia International Motorcycle week being interviewed by Paco Nadal. Well posing in this photo but you get the drift.
We would like to say a big thank you to Onda 15 for all the publicity they have given to the event.

Diary of a Goldwinger Part 4 - Gúdar 2007

Meet at Ibi at 9am were the instructions given for another night away with Goldwing Club Es, which we did and were met by 6 other solos and 1 trike, we had met all but one winger before at various weekends, the new guy with his Dutch wife was on a new 1800 it was his first bike for 20 years so a big step for him. We set off at 9:30 having to wait for Juan and his wife Fina, I guess he must have stopped for his usual coffee and brandy.

We carried up past Valencia at a steady place stopping at a service station, filling up and meeting another four wings, at the next stop for fuel and a late breakfast we were greeted by another five bikes. This made 17 in total. The breakfast was as chaotic as normal but following a huge slab of bread and jamon we set off. We rode for about another hour before turning of up a very rough road, Lorna and I were not sure what to expect as we didn't know much about the weekend, after a couple of 3 point turns on a tiny road covered in gravel we rode into a tiny village with narrow cobbled streets with streets not much wider than the trike and arrived at the hotel, It turned out to be a very nice place called Gudar with fantastic views.

The rooms are not ready so we will have dinner now, following the normal feast with huge amounts of beer etc we sorted out the rooms, we were put in a huge apartment, unpacked and set off for a walk around the village.

As normal most of the others went for a siesta, we found the village bar, a tiny place, full of locals playing cards and dominoes, a couple of beers later we sat outside the hotel to look at the fantastic views, then we noticed a couple of Eagles gliding over the mountains, what a fantastic sight that was.

Following the Eagle viewing we made our way into the hotel dining room for the normal three hour meal and more introductions to other club members.
I spoke to the new winger and his wife and asked how he found the trip up, He had enjoyed the journey but had found the 3 point turns a bit scary on such narrow roads covered in gravel.

Sunday saw us up and having had breakfast booked a quad for an hour to ride out around the area , this had been arranged by the club with a local company in the village, It seems that despite being a tiny village up in the mountains the quad business is very successful, with 6 quads and 2 buggies very busy all year round.

We set off with 4 quads and 2 buggies, with the president of the club and his family following in his new Range Rover, we rode around the area for about an hour and it was great fun, of course the Range Rover handled it with no problem, cant say the same for the paintwork as went through some very narrow thorny areas and it made a right mess of his bodywork with some very bad scratches, he didn't seem that bothered by it despite everybody pointing out the worst of the scratches. On arrival back at the hotel Lorna and I walked up a small path at the back of the hotel, it wound up and up, on arrival at the top we looked over some amazing views then watched in awe as eight Eagles soared very close to us and went up and up into the cloudless sky, quite a sight to see.

Yet again it was time to eat and as normal a couple of hours later we packed the bike and set off, just Juan and I as the others had left at various times, we covered the 350 ks in no time at all and arrived home about 8pm. Yet again another great weekend, having met and made more friends, but the Eagles made it for us. Next weekend we are off to Andorra , not a wing weekend but an big concentration with a thousand bikes expected.