Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MotoMania Column

This article appeared in The Inland Magazine - January 2007

Welcome to the ‘MotoMania’ column and welcome to 2007 which looks like being a good year for motorcycling.

The Tour and Track Motorcycle Club go’s from strength to strength with the Second Sunday Ride Outs becoming more popular each month. In December we rode out to Jativa and enjoyed some great riding, fantastic scenery and a mighty fine breakfast. For January we are planning a warmer coastal route. Meet up at Meson El Jardin in Castalla on 14th January.

Moto GP
Spain is the only country in the world to host more than one Moto GP competition. In fact Spain hosts three rounds of the Moto GP. This year the highest category of riders are changing from riding 990 cc bikes to 800 cc in what was supposed to be a move to increase safety and reduce speeds. In testing the 800 cc bikes, at the Valencian circuit, Dani Pedrosa has already beaten his times on the 990 Honda.

2007 looks as though it will be a very close competition and therefore very entertaining viewing. Tour and Track will be at a number of the events in Spain and Portugal. If you are interested in attending and sampling the brilliant atmosphere of these events get in touch.

So This Old Lady Decides She Wants To Buy My ST1300
Sumarised from Forty Years On Two Wheels Blog by Doug Klassen.
A 62 year old woman who is only about 5'5" tall and 125lb? Normally I would think that it was a bad idea to match up a gray haired lady with a 600lb ST but money's money, right?
In this case the bike went to my friend Gail who has just finished rolling up 200,000 miles on her 2000 Honda ST1100. Yup, that's 200,000 miles in 6 years. She does like to ride and I can tell you she's no slouch in the twisties either. Gail is proof that you're not old until you decide you are; you young (anyone under 50) whippersnappers remember that.By the way, I rode Gail's ST1100 a few weeks ago and with 202,000 miles on the odometer it still runs like well oiled sewing machine. I have to be honest and say the ST1100, even with mega miles on it, is probably 98% of what the next generation ST1300 is. If ever a bike was a testament to top notch Honda engines the ST series V4 is it.

See you next month.
Ray (687 206 908)
Tour and Track SL

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