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Robbed Harley - Help!

This bike with the registration 6897 DHN has been robbed from Pably Arte Bikes.  If you see it or any of it's bits then contact this number (+34) 941 410 165.


El dia 12-12-08 entraron en las instalaciones de Pably Arte Bikes y se llevaron la "Pink Harley".

Tiene motor Rev Tech 1600cc, caja Rev Tech de 6 velocidades, horquilla de Zodiac "Massive Glide"

Matricula 6897 DHN.

Tambien se llevaron ropa de cordura y de cuero (botas,guantes,cazadoras) de las marcas "Held", "Mutant X", "Blizzard" y "Biker & Rock". Cascos de las marcas "Held", "Shoei" y "Acmelokequieras" con decoracion de estrellas.

Si alguien tiene noticias de alguno de estos articulos, por favor avisen a las autoridades o a Pably Arte Bikes

tel:941 410 165

lvaro D.

Biker Rock, S.L.

Tel: 902 345 606 & +34 947 481 091

Fax: +34 947 484 037


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Junio 2009 a la Isla de Man

Isle of Man TT 2009

For English speakers contact Toni, details at bottom of article.

Como adelanto a nuestro programa de 2009, os agradeceré tomeis nota de que hemos programado 2 viajes en Junio a la Isla de Man.

El viaje se puede contratar con salida desde Barcelona, desde Calais o desde Mallorca.

Los grupos son de un máximo de 20 personas y ya hemos contratado un hotel digno que nos acoja a todos los españoles juntos.

La estancia en hotel de la Isla de Man (3 estrellas) será de 4 noches y el resto es viaje.

Básicamente se trata de:

Ferry Camarote Mallorca à Barcelona à Hotel Sur de París à Calais à Ferry Dover à Hotel Sur Liverpool à Hotel Liverpool à Ferry Liverpool a Douglas à Hotel 3*** isla de man à Regreso.

Total: (basado en alojamiento en habitación doble por persona).

Desde Mallorca con Moto: 9 días de viaje (Hoteles con desayuno y feries+ guía acompañante + seguro de viaje):  1150,00 € Desde Barcelona: (8 días de viaje) 1000,00 € Desde Calais: (6 días de Viaje) 940,00 €

Para no quedarnos con falta de plazas, necesitamos PRE-INSCRIPCIONES SIN COMPROMISO. Nada de depósitos ahora, solo la intención de ir.

A mediados de Enero deberá hacerse un depósito de 300 €.

Todos aquellos que ya me habeis manifestado la intención de ir y aquellos que querais ir, por favor, devolvedme este mail con la siguiente información (más adelante ya hablaremos de depósitos, pagos y cosas de esas).

Nombre y Apellidos:

Nº de habitaciones:

(Individuales, dobles, triples)

Salida desde:

(Mallorca, Barcelona, Calais)

Tfno. Móvil:

E-Mail de contacto rápido:

Quedo a la espera de vuestras noticias,


Toni Gelabert

C/. Jeroni Pou, 4, 07006 Palma de Mallorca, Tel. 902 51 71 51 Fax.: 971 771110

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sold But Not Forgotten

Liz - Trip to Extramadura 2005Well the worst has happened.  I've sold my Pan European but hopefully it will be looked after by the new owner.  He's a former Goldwinger and a mate of Steve's who writes for MotoBlogCycle, so it will probably get better care and attention than I ever gave it.

I'd had the Pan for nearly 18 years and not done anywhere near the amount of touring I should have but it has been a fantastic bike and I will miss it but I am looking forward to another bike in the not too distant future.  The trouble is I've moved back to the UK, Southport to be precise, and I didn't want to import the Pan back here as I thought it could live out the rest of it's days in Spain.

MotoGP Valencia 2005 On a happier note I have got access to a Honda VFR so I should get the odd cold trip out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ride for Kids is giving back! (Ride For
Kids) joined forces with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Ride for Kids program this year to help support research that will find a cure for childhood

brain tumors. $1.00 from the sale of all branded products went to support this very worthy cause. Thanks to all of our customers, we are proud to announce that this program has been a success! will be presenting a donation of over $11,000 to the foundation this weekend at the San Diego Ride for Kids fundraising ride.

If you would like to come out and support the Ride For Kids program, logon and find out how you can become involved!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Diary of a Goldwinger Part 9 - Holland 2008


25 years of GWEF, that's the Goldwing Federation of Europe which is like a governing body of the Goldwing clubs in Europe, which consists of 22 countries throughout Europe.

To celebrate this 25th anniversary a super Treffen was held near Arnhem in Holland and Lorna and I set off on the 16th of July to arrive on the 18th.

Day 1 was a great ride and we stopped in Valence in France after covering approx 1200 ks, found a very nice hotel, after a couple of beers and a very nice meal we retired to bed looking forward to good nights sleep, breakfast ( well sort of breakfast ) at 0730 and away towards Holland as we got closer to Luxembourg the sky's were getting darker and the temperature was getting lower, around 1 o'clock the rain started and it rained very heavily as we were diverted off of our planned motorway route due to roadwork's, we found ourselves on A roads with a lot of heavy traffic, lorries by the hundreds were all diverted along the diversion, it continued to rain all afternoon, and believe me it was heavy rain and bloody cold with it. Because we were not due onto the Treffen site until 12 o'clock on the Thursday ( GWEF rules ) we decided to look for a hotel and were directed by the sat-nav to a town called Kappel, having booked in we were talking to the owner only to discover we were in Germany. We didn't see any border or anything to tell us we were in Germany and I must admit I was very surprised. A Chinese restaurant was at the rear of the hotel so we sat and had, yes you've guessed it, a couple of beers and a very nice buffet meal, good job really because we cannot speak a word of German, it was self service so that was one less language barrier to cross. We had a walk around the town after dinner only to find that everywhere was closed and the town was deserted, so off to bed we went and had a great nights sleep.

Next morning we had breakfast at 08.30 and set off in the pouring rain to find the Treffen site, it was only 150 ks so it was a gentle ride realising we would arrive at the Treffen too early. We decided to go direct to the site to get our bearings for later in the day, we found the site at Pappandal, rode to the entrance only to be told we could go straight in and pitch the tent before inscribing, So I asked is it open then, as it was before 12 o'clock only to be told it was open the previous day because of the amount of people travelling long distances. So we could have made it the day before DSCF2748instead of stopping overnight in Germany.

I rang our friends from the UK who were on route to tell them it was open early as I knew they were having a steady ride through Holland so as not to arrive before the 12 o'clock opening time. The rain had slowed down to a drizzle by then so we got the tent up, we had just finished when Tony, Helen and Holly from the UK arrived on their yellow 1800 outfit. We quickly got both tents up and everything sorted as the rain started to get heavier. The weather continued to worsen ,and that's how it stayed all weekend, the odd bright spell but the rain was heavy and it rained until we left the site on the Monday morning.

22 countries were represented over the weekend, every country who are members of GWEF were there, 1300 Goldwings and approx 2300 people, the site was an ex Olympic sports centre and was huge, the main hall was fantastic with restaurants and bars, with over 20 traders attending there was plenty of shiny bits for the DSCF2758 bikes and clothing stalls galore. We rode into the nearest village for a meal one day and found the town full of Goldwingers of all nationalities, despite the torrential rain it didn't seem to dampen anybody's enthusiasm, it was a great weekend, meeting old friends and making new ones, it would have been nice to get out around the area but the weather didn't really encourage us, we did have plenty of time to look around the trade halls and must admit we did purchase the odd shiny bit for the bike.

On Monday morning we took the tent down during a moment of brighter weather, said our goodbyes and set off for home, 10 mins after leaving it started to rain even heavier forcing us to stop for a lengthy breakfast, as we left Holland the weather brightened up and we made great time down into France as far as a small town south of Lyon, cant remember what it was called but a nice Ibis hotel and, yes you've guessed after a couple of beers and a nice meal it was off to bed, up bright and early next morning and on the road. It was a pleasure to be riding in warm, dry conditions and we, well I, decided to get home from there in one hit, we had to be home before dark as you cannot tow a trailer in the dark in Spain ( bloody silly rule if you ask me ) we arrived home just as it was getting dark. We covered over 5,000ks, a third of which was in the rain but we enjoyed the whole experience, once again spending time with like minded people, yes and having a few beers, seeing different countries and paying very high prices for fuel, drink and food. It cost 12 euros more in Holland to fill the bike than it costs in Spain. Now I need to get the bike serviced AGAIN ready for our trip to the UK for the Goldwing owners club of Great Britain's Treffen, this one is in Driffield in East Yorkshire and we hope will be a good one. So watch this space for the next report.

Ride safe, Steve and Lorna

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Go Promotions Track Days - Estoril - September 2008

Hi Go Pro'ers

We are taking bookings for:
Estoril - Portugal
12 - 13 September 08

If you are interested in coming along, can you get in contact and let us know asap by going to the site to pay online

For this event we will require payment IN FULL by 31st July 2008.

We have had terrific interest in Estoril and if everyone who has expressed an interest does go, it should be the fullest event of the calendar.

Friday, July 04, 2008 - Special Mention


I'm happy to say that, a web that I translated from Spanish to English, has been given a special mention in the Portal Motos best webs competition.

Congratulations to Toni Gelabert and the team.


See Toni in action here: Culos de Hierro

MotoGP Contender?

This USA project by MotoCzysz to build a bike to compete against the best racing bikes on the planet shows a lot of promise and innovative design.  The engine is an in-line 4 running along the bikes length which gives it a width profile less than the back tyre!!

Click on the pictures for links to the web

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Insurance Prices - Negotiate

I seem to remember sometime ago a posting about motorcycle insurance, I thought you might be interested in the following. Previous Post on Insurance

Since coming to Spain six years ago I have had all my insurance through a broker called AJB from Javea. When I got my first 1800 Goldwing I shopped around and they were the only company who would give me fully comp cover, that cost 1800 euros. The next year it went down to 1400 euros. To cut a long story short(ish) This year when out with the Spanish wingers we were discussing insurance and to my amazement they all ride on 3rd party and pay between 150 and 200 euros. They suggested I contact Axa for a quote which I did. Fully comp through them was 741 euros, my renewal from Ibex (via AJB) was 1,063. I rang AJB who contacted Ibex and they agreed to beat the Axa price by 10 euros. Same company, same policy and same cover.

So we did the same with Lorna's car and reduced that by approx 350 euros. So we have the same cover as last year with the same companies but have saved over 680 euros. It just goes to prove how much companies are making and how flexible they can be when they stand a good chance of loosing your business and your money,

Ride safe,


Zemanta Pixie

What day is it LOL??

When I got the email from Lol about the concentration last weekend I thought that would be a nice relaxing few hours, not long distance, nice scenery and I hadn't seen the lads from TnT for some time. I set off for the 30mins trip to Castalla. I arrived early as usual for a coffee and tostada. Checking my phone I noticed a missed call from Lol, I rang him and he informed me that he had done his back and couldn't make the run out. He asked if I would mind taking his good lady Liz as she like me was looking forward to the ride out, normally I would have refused as I don't like taking passengers who have not ridden with me before. Lol has done me a lot of favours over the years and to pay him back and not to let Liz down I agreed.

image We enjoyed a nice ride out and Liz turned out to be a great passenger and enjoyed the music and comfort of the Wing. We arrived in the village (Fontanar I think) rode around the village, there was a few bikes around the local area and parked outside bars, we then rode around the village looking for the parking area. Diego who was leading stopped, and asked for directions and we followed him back into the centre of the village. I noticed the trees were decked out with flags and a band was gathering on a street corner. Wow, they really put some effort into this for a bike day I thought. Lucy then came over to the bike and informed Liz and I that the concentration was on Saturday not Sunday and the bikes parked around were the campers and were having breakfast before leaving the village. I cannot print my thoughts as I would be locked up.

Well Lol that's what I call great planning and organisation. I noticed on the blog, a write up from Lol about the trip he had to show people houses, well they must be counting their blessings that he managed to get the date right. I even noticed sometime ago a trip to Morocco, thank God I didn't book in for that one, who knows when we would have got back. So a word of warning next time you get an email inviting you on a trip with Lol, double check and check again.

I cannot post any pictures because, as normal I forgot the camera, BUT if I had taken it it would have ended up where the sun don't shine, if you get my drift. Second word of warning if you intend going to Alqueña for the racing it is on SUNDAY, that's the day between Saturday and Monday LOL.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MAIDS Report - In-depth Investigation of Motorcycle Accidents

Take a look at the MAIDS website and read the interesting conclusions of this exhaustive study.  In the quote below PTW means Powered Two Wheeler and OV means Other Vehicle.

The PTW accident data collected in this study indicated that the object most frequently struck in an accident was a passenger car. The second most frequently struck object was the roadway itself, either as the result of a single vehicle accident or of an attempt to avoid a collision with an OV. Whilst each sampling area contained both urban and rural areas, the majority of the accidents took place in an urban environment.

Travelling and impact speeds for all PTW categories were found to be quite low, most often below 50 km/h. There were relatively few cases in which excess speed was an issue related to accident causation.  The cause of the majority of PTW accidents collected in this study was found to be human error. The most frequent human error was a failure to see the PTW within the traffic environment, due to lack of driver attention, temporary view obstructions or the low conspicuity of the PTW.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Diary of a Goldwinger Part 8 - Spain 2008

by Steve

Spainish_Treffen_024June the 10th saw Lorna and I setting off to Lloret De Mar to attend the 15th Anniversary Treffen with the GWAE, just a short trip of approx 6 hrs.

Because the weather had been so bad here we decided not take the trailer and camping kit, we booked a mobile home at the camping site.

The trip up saw us hitting very heavy rain around Valencia and caused us to pull over for a coffee to give it a chance to ease off.

Due to the lorry drivers strike the motorway was very quiet and because of the lack of lorries we did not get the spray that you normally get from the trucks.

We had arranged to meet our friends from England, Tony and Helen and their daughter Holly, they ride an 1800 outfit, in yellow it really is a beauty, with music , DVD and a microphone in the sidecar to keep holly amused on the long trip from Yorkshire.

Spainish_Treffen_077We arrived on the campsite, booked in and were shown to our mobile, we then booked out due to the state of the place, it was disgusting and completely bare, you were supposed to hire everything from the campsite shop. Tony, Helen and Holly had arrived, they had booked a log cabin, they to booked out of their shed, as they called it, we then contacted Malc and Carol who had travelled down with Tony, Helen and Holly and were staying in a hotel just 5 minutes from the campsite, checked if the hotel had rooms, the end result being 6 nights in a very nice hotel for us all.

On the Thursday we rode down to the Treffen and inscribed, there was a lot of unhappy people there due to the state of the accommodation, the camping area was ok and a few tents were up or being erected.

Friday was the parade of nations , an area on the sea front had been dedicated as a Goldwing area with disco ect, as the 200ish goldwings left the campsite it started to rain and within 5 mins we were completely soaked, we rode down through the town and then straight back to the hotel to dry off, it was a bloody shame as the area was very nice right on the beach and would have been a perfect setting.

Spainish_Treffen_089Saturday night was awards night, 17 countries were represented at the Treffen, GB won the attendance award with 32 bikes, furthest distance went to a rider from Sweden, numerous awards were handed out , 215 bikes attended, a beautiful white 1800 from Russia won the light show, see attached photo.

What a fantastic machine to see it fully lit up at night was unbelievable, like it not it must have taken hours and hours and is one of the best we have seen. We met up with some old friends over the week and enjoyed some great company, we did the beach thing with Holly and she, as always kept us amused, we went to a local marine world park and had a great day out.

All in all, another great time with some great people and some great bikes, I have heard that a new two litre is planned for September, so watch this space, ride safe and enjoy,

Steve and Lorna

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Simoncelli - Assasin or Skilled Rider?

Or maybe a bit of both.

Is it me or is Marco Simoncelli bumping in to a lot of people just as they seem to be overtaking him on the last lap of the 250cc championships?

At Donington it was Alvaro Bautista and in which race was it that he took out, sorry bumped in to, Hector Barbera?

  1. M. KALLIO FIN Red Bull KTM 250 42'14.410
  2. M. SIMONCELLI ITA Metis Gilera + 0.353
  3. A. BAUTISTA SPA Mapfre Aspar Team + 1.237
Zemanta Pixie

Redding Shows the Way - MotoGP Donington

15 year old Scott Redding gave James Toseland a salutory lesson in how to behave in front of your home crowd by winning the 125cc class at the British MotoGP in Donington Park.  Redding rode his way to being the youngest ever winner of a MotoGP and the first rider to win at home since  1986.

In contrast James Toseland, who had been having problems with rear grip, finished the 800cc MotoGP in last position after losing the back end of his bike on the first corner and crashing out and then re-mounting.  Toseland has raced on the Donington circuit many times and knows the track well whereas Redding had never raced there before today.

Toselands performances had been more than respectable in his races to date and maybe the pressure of pulling off the miracle podium in front of the home crowd was just too much.

Photo from Scott Redding Web.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot.

P6202339 The strange wet stuff has finally finished falling from  the sky.  This picture is taken today, 20-06-08, just outside Biar village in the Alicante Province of Spain.  That's the Castle on the sky line.  I was on the way back from showing a family around an old Bodega in Fontanars Dels Alforins for Cactus Casas.

The  route takes you along some beautiful mountain roads which lazily wind their way from Castalla northwards to the vinyards of Fontanars.

By the way, Fontanars is holding it's 2nd bike rally on 28th June - the weekend after this.  More information here: Penya Motera de Fontanars dels Alforins.

I also got a good excuse to go out for a ride yesterday to show another couple around a country house near Torremanzanas.  Have a search on Google Maps and you'll see the roads that I enjoyed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gibernau returns to action in Mugello test

Former MotoGP World Championship runner-up Sete Gibernau completed 20 laps of Mugello on the first of three days of testing for Ducati. Sete Gibernau in the Ducati Marlboro team garage in 2006 After more than 18 months away from 800cc riding, and indeed any kind of MotoGP activity, Sete Gibernau was reunited with the world of two wheels on Tuesday in Mugello. Participating in a hastily-arranged test for Ducati alongside regular test rider Vittoriano Guareschi, Gibernau rode twenty laps of the Italian circuit with the Desmosedici GP9 prototype, and only stopped on account of some unwelcome rainfall. The former MotoGP World Championship runner-up recorded a fastest time of 1'53.7, but the experience itself was more the attraction of the day.

Gibernau returns to action in Mugello test | The Official MotoGP Website

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Win grandstand weekend tickets to Donington MotoGP

Visordown Motorcycle news : General news

You could win grandstand tickets to this weekend's Donington MotoGP round thanks to Hilton Racing

HILTON Hotels and Visordown have teamed up to offer you an amazing prize. We're giving two lucky readers a Friday, Saturday and Sunday ticket to watch the racing, including a Redgate Grandstand ticket for the race itself on Sunday.

Hilton Racing offer weekend packages to watch the best bike racing in the country. Their packages include a 2-night stay at the Hilton reserved for each event, a full English Breakfast, weekend ticket passes to the racing and selected events include a private dinner where you'll get to meet and chat to past and present racing stars.

To enter this competition, all you have to do is send an email to with the answer to the following question, your contact number and your address:

How much does it cost, per person, for Hilton's Brands Hatch World Superbike weekender.

See Hilton Ad on Visordown

Competiton closes at 1pm on the 18th June. The draw will be made and tickets will be posted the same day. So be quick!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


More photo's at La Verdad website.  A report of the event is also available here.

If you attended the event add your comments below.

MotoGP Cataluña 2008 Report

OK, I know I should have written the report earlier but I've been busy digging a very long trench over very rocky ground for my new mains water pipe.

Or bugger it - it's too late for my review of the race so take a look at the thought provoking Race Report over on, part of which I've included here:

Ask a dozen riders what their favorite race was, and you'll get a dozen different answers. But as different as those answers may be, in the end, they divide out into two camps. On the one hand, there are the Racers, the riders who love nothing more than to battle with their rivals all race long, only to pass them in the final corner and go on to take the win. On the other, there are the Winners, the riders who only care about getting away from the pack and dominating the opposition. The Racers love to win by fractions of a second, the Winners love to win by minutes.

This issue doesn't just divide racers, it also divides fans. Some enjoy nothing more than watching their favorite rider put in lap after perfect lap, gapping the competition by a second or more every time the cross the line. To them, their pleasure in racing is in watching a motorcycle being ridden as fast as humanly possible, the rider attempting to ride the bike at its very limit every inch of the track. For these fans, riders are like brain surgeons, exercising their skill to the utmost of their ability.

Other fans come to see combat, and want to see as many riders as possible dicing for the lead throughout the race. For them, the perfect race was one where the lead changed twice at every corner, only for their favorite rider to triumph in the end, edging their front wheel over the line ahead of the competition by just the thickness of the tire. To this kind of fan, the riders are gladiators, the winner decided in mortal combat by a mixture of skill, cunning and brute force, in varying proportions.

Read more ...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Lorenzo Out of Cataluña MotoGP

Jorge Lorenzo will miss his home Grand Prix at Barcelona this weekend after a crash in this afternoon's free practice.

The Spaniard lost the front of his M1 at turn 11 just four laps into the afternoon session and slid into the gravel, before being stretchered off and taken to the circuit clinic. After undergoing an initial check-up at the track, which confirmed that there were no further injuries to the ankles which he fractured in China, the decision was made to take him to hospital in Barcelona for further examination.

Doctor Xavier Mir of the University Institut Dexeus in Barcelona commented as follows: "I can confirm that Lorenzo will not be able to compete this weekend after the tests done here at the Institut Dexeus have confirmed the following injuries:
"1. He suffered head trauma and lost consciousness. We made a neurological examination with a CAT scan and an MRI scan and from this we can confirm that there is no cranial haemotoma or haemorrage. However, he now needs to stay under observation for between 48 and 72 hours to see how this develops.
2. He sustained an injury to the 4th and 5th finger on the right hand, where he has lost some skin. He also has an abrasion of the extensor tendon. We need to see how this develops but it could be possible that he needs a small skin graft.
3. Various other bruises and grazes."

Friday, June 06, 2008

Rossi Rides 'Azzurri' Style in Cataluña

Valentino Rossi’s YZR-M1 will carry a one-off livery for the Grand Prix of Catalunya this weekend in celebration of the European Football Championships, which begin on Sunday. The championship leader’s bike has been specially painted in the style of the shirts of the Italian national team, the ‘Azzurri’, ahead of their opening game against Holland on Monday. Rossi will also wear leathers designed in the same vein and even his famous number 46 has undergone a change for the weekend.

Dani Pedrosa ran the best times in the morning and afternoon free practices.  Second fastest in the combined results was Loris Capirossi, followed by Rossi and Stoner.  The top four were seperated by less than 1 tenth of a second.

Bad news for Jorge Lorenzo again with another fall which seems to have fractured one of his fingers and done more damage to one of his ankles.  It can't be put down to Lorenzo's previous injuries that he came off again as almost half the riders had falls in the two practice sessions.

TV Coverage

User Manuals

Mike Werner over on Bikes in the Fast Lane pointed out this really useful site to find FREE user manuals for almost anything.  There are some motorcycles on there but lots need adding which you can do by adding yours.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Give Blood

Message from Mega Scooter Club, Alicante:


Estimados Amigos:

image Por quinto año consecutivo, la Asociación Mutua Motera lanza su Campaña de Donación. En esta edición, la Semana Motera de Donación será del lunes 16 al sábado 21 de Junio.

En Alicante del 16 al 20 será en el centro de transfusiones del Hospital de San Juan y el sábado 20 será en el Hospital de Elche.

Os rogaria que, a ser posible, indicarais la intencion de ir a donar y el número aproximado de donantes, para hacer una prevision de personal en los puntos de donación.

Como ya sabéis, somos un colectivo especialmente afectado por la siniestralidad en carretera y, conscientes de la importancia de que existan reservas de sangre y hemoderivados en los hospitales, así como de la trascendencia de la donación de órganos para mejorar la calidad de vida e incluso salvarla, reivindicamos el espíritu motero de generosidad y solidaridad y volvemos a la carga con otra llamada a todos los moteros y a la sociedad en general para que acudan a donar a su centro de transfusión más próximo.

Este año, por cortesía de LUMA, a todo el que acuda a donar se le regalará un llavero-monedero motero personalizado con el logo de Moteros Donantes.

Personal Signed Photo - Dani Pedrosa


Here's a nice idea from Repsol and Dani Pedrosa for all his fans.  Go to the Dani Pedrosa Fan Wall and add your name and in return you can download this signed photo with your name on it, or the name of someone you know is a fan and would appreciate the photo.

You write your name or nickname directly under "Dame tu nombre de pila".  Once you've signed the wall click on "Consigue el autógrafo de Dani" and download the photo.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Price of Petrol - Campaign

I recently received this e-mail for a campaign in Spain to lower the price of petrol and if it is genuine it does seem like an effective way to put pressure on Repsol and CEPSA to lower their prices.  It will bring a windfall to the smaller companies in Spain but I suppose that is part of the attraction of the campaign.  Does anyone know if any of the motorcycle campaign groups in Spain or around the globe are supporting this or similar initiatives?

I found these stories, in English, relating to the campaign:

El Precio De La Gasolina - Campaña

image imageimage image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Monday, June 02, 2008

World SuperBikes 2008 Round 06: U.S.A.

World Superbike Round 06 - Miller Motorsports Park U.S.A.

Carlos Checa won both of the races by a clear margin.  He said, “It’s been fantastic to take a double win here in the USA. Just at the start of the first race I had some problems with my number one bike and had to use the second one. I felt I had a good start, but then saw the other riders in front of me I knew I had to work hard. When I saw Neukirchner in front I knew I could overtake him and take the lead. In the beginning it was difficult to make a gap, but then I made enough ground. It then was more difficult to control my mind than control the tyre. At the end of the race Corser was catching up and I had to concentrate and improve my pace. The last time I won a race was ten years ago and these are my first wins outside Spain. I would like to dedicate them to my friend Wayne Rainey.”

Superbike Race 1

  1. C. CHECA (Honda CBR1000RR)
  2. T. CORSER (Yamaha YZF-R1)
  3. M.FABRIZIO (Ducati 1098 F08)
  4. M.NEUKIRCHNER (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
  5. F. NIETO (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
  6. J. SMRZ (Ducati 1098 RS 08)
  7. K. MUGGERIDGE (Honda CBR1000RR)
  8. Y. KAGAYAMA (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
  9. M.BIAGGI (Ducati 1098 RS 08)
  10. R. KIYONARI (Honda CBR1000RR)
  11. L. LANZI (Ducati 1098 RS 08)
  12. K. SOFUOGLU (Jr. Honda CBR1000RR)
  13. G.LAVILLA (Honda CBR1000RR)
  14. R. XAUS (Ducati 1098 RS 08)
  15. R. HOLLAND (Honda CBR1000RR) Carlos Checa

Superbike Race 2

  1. C. CHECA (Honda CBR1000RR)
  2. M.NEUKIRCHNER (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
  3. M.FABRIZIO (Ducati 1098 F08)
  4. M.BIAGGI (Ducati 1098 RS 08)
  5. Y. KAGAYAMA (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
  6. N.HAGA (Yamaha YZF-R1)
  7. R. KIYONARI (Honda CBR1000RR)
  8. F. NIETO (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
  9. R. LACONI (Kawasaki ZX-10R)
  10. L. LANZI (Ducati 1098 RS 08)
  11. K. MUGGERIDGE (Honda CBR1000RR)
  12. A. BADOVINI (Kawasaki ZX-10R)
  13. M.TAMADA (Kawasaki ZX-10R)
  14. K. SOFUOGLU (Jr. Honda CBR1000RR)
  15. G.LAVILLA (Honda CBR1000RR)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rossi, Rossi, Rossi - 3 GP's in a Row

image Valentino Rossi took his third consequtive MotoGP at Mugello this afternoon and his seventh consecutive win on the Mugello Circuit in the MotoGP category.  In fact Rossi is the only MotoGP winner ever at Mugello since the circuit started hosting the race.  That's some riding.  That is also some sense of humour, did you see his helmet?

Stoner has now entered back in the race for the world championship coming in second ahead of Dani Pedrosa.


Now for an evening of World Superbikes.