Monday, January 28, 2008

First Bikes

Here's my list of bikes, or at least the ones that my fallible memory can recall.  What were your first bikes?


This is the first bike with an engine that I ever rode.  It's a Phillips Panda and you can read it's history in The Moped Archive.  I must have been about 11 or 12 years old when a gang of lads used to go "over the dumps", which were the slag heaps around South Bank near Middlesbrough, to go trial riding with plenty of trial falling.

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This was my first road 'bike' the Lambretta SX 200.  My brother Ray owned it first and I seem to remember lots more chrome racks and mirrors on the one I rode.  I also seem to remember it had a sizeable re-bore 225 or 250 and an Amal carb sticking out through the side.  Is that possible?

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    A Cossack Motorcycle should go in here but I'm not sure which one.  It was my dad's bike but he lent it to me for journeys to work.  I remember the tyres were like plastic and I dropped the Cossack on a roundabout, at a really low speed, and lots of bits just snapped off!  It was still rideable but only just.
550 Fork   The Honda 550 Fork (Four K) was my first bike after I passed my test and I thought it was enormous when I rode it from the shop.  It looks tiny now although naked's are in demand again.  I fitted a half fairing for those cold winter runs from Merseyside to Teesside via the Penines!

Thanks to Bikes From Scrap for the photo.
image   My CBR 600 took me and Liz down from Merseyside, through France into Spain and Portugal and back again.  It was a month to remember and Liz did it with no backrest!

The bike was bought new in 1983.  The registration number was EKC 216Y - is it still on the road?  If you are the owner let me know.
image   When we moved to Spain a good neighbour lent me his moped to use for work while my bike was being re-registered.  I've got no idea what moped is is but surely some anorak out there does?
    I also got the loan of a trials bike from a friend at work, Chatto, but I can't remember it at all apart from the hours of fun I had on it.  I used it to and from work on the back tracks.

One morning I did 4 hours riding through the mountains around Castalla guided by Juande, another friend from work.  He was fit and I wasn't and he took me to some fantastic areas where he goes rock climbing, not this time though.  After a really enjoyable morning out featuring a picnic and a great tapas bar, with delicious snails, I went home for a couple of hours sleep - absolutely knackered.
image   The ST1100 my current bike and still performing like new.  My daughter, sitting on the tank of the bike, is now 15 so you can have a guess at the age of my Pan.

Note the TARTAN Converse All*Stars!  Can't find the shoes but I'm sure I saw that T-shirt lurking about somewhere.

I bought the Pan new in 1990 so it's celebrating its' 18th year.