Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Honest, I'm doing it for charity!

Now you know you've been thinking about that special motorcycle trip of a lifetime for years and you're not getting any younger.  There have been times when you've planned it in your head but then placed the arguments of your husband, wife, partner, lover, etc., against it without actually discussing it with them for fear of failure. 

Well think no more and start to act!  Here I've listed some great adventure rides which not only give you the excitement of the ride but also the benefit of knowing that you are doing something for other people who need your help.  It also gives you a great reason to put to your husband, wife, partner, lover, etc., as if you need one in your relationship smile_wink.

  1. Enduro India
  2. Enduro Africa
  3. Barry Sheene Memorial Motorcycle Challenge 2008
  4. Alaska Bike Run
  5. India: Rajasthan Motorcycle Challenge

If you know of any more events add them in comments ........