Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Diary of a Goldwinger Part 5 - Alicante 2008

by Steve

image Hi Lol, I am sending this via email as I have sat here for an hour trying to sign on to the blog (technophobe!).

Having rode out with the Spanish wingers on the Saturday around north of Denia and had the usual 3 hour lunch we decide to ride down to Alicante to the Classic Bike Fair held on the industrial estate by the side of the Madrid motorway at Alicante.

Sunday morning saw quite a sharp frost which resulted in Lorna making up the fire and me setting off on my own. About an hour later I rang Lol for directions having rode around industrial estates off the wrong bloody motorway, and getting a bum steer from a Harley rider who sent me in the wrong direction (Bastard).

Once onto the right industrial estate it was easy to find the fair as we rode down to the same place last year and then had a tour of the back streets of Alicante trying to find Santa Pola following King Pig (Derek) and his GPS.

On arrival I parked up and followed the throng of people to the road in which the market was set up. I could spend hours looking at the old bikes that are on display and for sale. As normal I forgot the camera so have no piccies. There was a very nice Sunbeam for sale but I couldn't get close enough to find out the price. Also a guy had 2 very nice Kawasaki's one was a 500 triple and the other a 900, both immaculate but very high prices, the 900 was 7,500 euros and the 500 was 6,000 very nice but not for me as they're from the 70s.


A nice fully restored Bultaco was for sale and that caught my eye but they wanted 8,500 and would not budge on the price. There was a nice plain jane 1000 Goldwing in very nice condition. If I wanted one of them Alberto has a couple at his Goldwing shop and would be a lot cheaper.

I tried to get into the bar at the far end of the road but it was crazy in there , so another walk up and down the street taking in the non restored machines and knowing I would never have the patience to do a restoration I set off back home stopping for a coffee on the way.

Lorna and I are off to bike week in Daytona on the 26th of February, we went to Florida in 2006 and visited Daytona on a couple of occasions but this year we are there for the full 10 days with a hotel slap bang in the middle. So I will remember the camera and hope to get some piccies on the blog.

We have a busy year planned visiting Holland twice, Italy and England planned at the moment. Lets hope I get some free Sundays free to ride out with Tour and Track as I guess you must have wrapped the bikes up and hibernated having sat in the bar in Castalla like Billy no Mates in December and January but still enjoyed a ride out. It must be an English thing as there are still many Spanish bikers out.

Ride safe.