Monday, April 07, 2008

Vectrix on Sale at Harrods

Well I never thought I'd see the day Harrods sold scooters.

·As responsive as a 400cc Vectrix scooter but with a 125cc classification, making the bike accessible to anyone with a CBT licence
· Top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h)
· Up to 68 miles of travel between charges
· DAaRT™ system – Twist back the throttle for instant acceleration, and twist it forward to slow down smoothly and safely, in addition to the front and back Brembo disc brakes.
· Multi-function throttle controls a slow-speed reverse for greater manoeuvrability and easy parking.
· The onboard charger recharges the scooter in just over two hours from a standard 110/220V (3 pin) power socket.
· Minimal cost-of-ownership
· Estimated battery life of 10 years (based on 5,000 miles per year)
· Environmentally-friendly with zero emissions
· Low noise for reduced sound pollution
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