Friday, May 09, 2008

Comments on: Go Promotions - Ultimate Trackdays

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Steveo wrote this about Go Promotions.

"Over the years, I have attended: Magny Cours, Jerez, Estoril, Cartagena, Almeria and Valencia organised by Go-Pro. I have also attended numerous English trackdays (not Go-Pro).

The key difference between Go-Pro events and all the others is that there are no "sessions". Open pit lane means that you go out on track when you (and your mates) want, and you come in when you want. This is to be contrasted with other providers who give you a fixed number of timed sessions in strict rotation. If you are not ready, you miss your go. You want to relax, drink tea and chat to friends and other riders, you miss your go. You just want to soak up the atmosphere, you miss your go. Someone stuffs it (not unusual in my experience of other providers), you lose a whole session, which has a ripple effect throughout the whole of the day. Which means less riding time.

When I first considered going on a trackday, my first anxiety was: I am not fast enough and I can't afford to trash my bike - doesn't everyone come off? The whole set-up ensures you are comfortable and unintimidated. You go at your pace, safely, so that you can learn and improve at your rate. I have been carved up on English trackdays repeatedly, and been the victim of other gittish behaviour. This has never happened to me on Go-Pro days, which with the "open pit lane" distinguishes it from the others.

On Go-Pro events, all the other riders are safe and courteous. The experience level of the attendees ranges from first timers to regulars. The briefings are thorough, organisation slick, and everyone is respectful of each other on and off trackday, consistent with the priority on safety.

There is always informal help on hand because it is a friendly atmosphere - lots of like minded folk, enjoying themselves - and also expert advice on technical set up and technique from experts (thank you HM Racing). Everyone breakfasts, lunches and stays at the same hotel, which promotes the good atmosphere. As does knocking back a few cervezas at the hotel bar at the end of the day.

Two days are great. The sun is shining. You spend the first half of the day learning the track that you have watched your heroes in Moto GP and WSB race on. Second half, you consolidate. Next day the sun is shining. After a good night of eating and sleep, having absorbed all that you have learnt, you go out and have the best fun that money can buy.

A final comment on the organisation: you have no aggravation. I cannot recommend the Go-Pro experience highly enough."

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