Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Honda DN-01 Sports Cruiser Launched

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The Honda DN-01 680cc V-Twin is due to be launched in Europe sometime in June 2008 following its launch in Japan in March.

This blurb from the Honda UK site says it all.  "Radical new styling that grabs attention from every angle. Form-fitting comfort that invites one to both sit on and to ride. Smooth response to every rider input, reacting with exhilarating performance at every twist of its throttle, and… no clutch! Not only that, no gear changer! Is this really a motorcycle? Or is it some strange kind of scooter?"

Is it a scooter?  Is it a cruiser?  Well whatever it is it certainly has a style all of its own and an innovative Human Friendly Transmission (HFT) which is claimed to be the ultimate in automatic clutches that does not give mid corner judders as you speed up or slow down.  You can also use the bike in manual with a handlebar gear change control. 

Let's see what the reviewers say: