Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sold But Not Forgotten

Liz - Trip to Extramadura 2005Well the worst has happened.  I've sold my Pan European but hopefully it will be looked after by the new owner.  He's a former Goldwinger and a mate of Steve's who writes for MotoBlogCycle, so it will probably get better care and attention than I ever gave it.

I'd had the Pan for nearly 18 years and not done anywhere near the amount of touring I should have but it has been a fantastic bike and I will miss it but I am looking forward to another bike in the not too distant future.  The trouble is I've moved back to the UK, Southport to be precise, and I didn't want to import the Pan back here as I thought it could live out the rest of it's days in Spain.

MotoGP Valencia 2005 On a happier note I have got access to a Honda VFR so I should get the odd cold trip out.