Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Resolution

Say after me, “I promise myself I will read one of these great Blogs once a month to keep my motors revving.”

Have a great New Year.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Honolulu Bikers Spread Christmas Cheer

Thousands of island bikers are riding to raise money for children's Christmas presents. Video

Bikers bring Christmas joy

BY MICHAEL INMAN (Canberra Times)

THE SIGHT of bikers roaring into Civic might, under other circumstances, send parents and children scurrying.

But yesterday the region's motorcycle riders showed their softer sides as they donated money and toys to St John's Care and the Salvation Army at the Canberra Motorcyclists' Toy Run. The 28th annual run was the largest ever, attracting more than 1000 bikers from about 10 ACT clubs, including the Ulysses Club and the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club.

The whiskered, leather-clad bikers donned red Santa caps and opened their wallets to raise more than $6500 for St John's Care, while the Salvation Army was inundated with hundreds of toys to ease the burden on battling families.

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Pure Biker FM

Pure Biker FM

Happy Christmas, bikers!

By Erin Baker at the Telegraph

Merry Christmas one and all – is there anyone still reading this at their desks, or have you all biked off for Christmas already? Bunch of slackers.

I drove my Golf VI 2.0 turbodiesel test car into work yesterday (lovely, lovely) and followed a Gixer for most of the way. Funny, isn’t it, how I can look at Ducatis and Aprilias and sigh longingly, but actually, when a GSX-R1000 streams by, I always think there’s nothing quite like that bike, even though I don’t think it’s attractively styled.

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The Hairy Bikers' Twelve Days of Christmas


A typically madcap Hairy Bikers' journey through the verses of one of the most popular Christmas songs.

For each line of the song, the boys have come up with a fantastic twist on a classic Christmas dish. From roast partridge with spiced pears (a partridge in a pear tree) and a classic trio of top-end poulets de Bresse chicken dishes (three French hens) to spiced Christmas pannacotta (eight maids a-milking), and of course the secrets of a perfect roast goose (six geese a-laying).

There are laughs to accompany the cooking: in addition to the fantastic Christmassy grub, the Hairy Bikers corral everyone they meet - including the original inspiration for Alan Partridge, four call centre workers and the fleet-footed Lords (and Ladies) of the Dance - to sing the lines of the Twelve Days of Christmas song, ready for a rendition at their drum-and-pipe-laden Christmas banquet finale in a beautiful manor house in Scotland.

Part of the BBC Christmas 2009 season.

Hairy Christmas on BBC2