Friday, January 29, 2010

Anzanigo, Huesca, Spain

image The Motorcyclist Spa-Resort


If you travel to Spain between 29th June and 7th August, the camping Anzánigo offers you from Monday to Friday... :

- 4 DINNER - CAMPSITE or HOSTEL (Rooms of 12/24 places) - 4 SPANISH BREAKFAST

Reservation is recommended

Useful information on the road of ANZANIGO

Coming from France, cross the Somport pass as far as Jaca which is 30 Km, from the border. Take downtown Jaca instead of "Sabiñánigo-Huesca". Full the tank in the gas station because gass is less expensive and there in no other gas station as far as Anzánigo, 30 km. form Jaca. Take "San Juan de la Peña" road but PAY ATTENTION, there are two, you must take the left one. This is a beautiful road full of bends. Later, not to take the San Juan de la Peña Road on the right. When you see a Sanglas motorcycle, stop. Have a nice trip!.

Ctra A-1.205Km 30
22830 - Anzánigo - Huesca.
TLF: 974 348 040