Saturday, January 16, 2010

Want To Get Down And Dirty?

P6041753 When I first moved to Spain in 1999 I went off-roading with Juande Sempere on a bike lent to me by my friend and workmate Chato.  The bike was a trials bike, you know the type, no seat!  Juande took me in to the mountains around Castalla for an early morning start at 6am.  By dinner time I had been on tracks and over rocks well and truly outside my comfort zone and I was absolutely knackered but it was a fantastic experience.

I also did a track day with Octavio Sempere but that’s another story.

The photo is from a trip I did in June 2007, my second and last time off-road.

For all of you who haven’t tried it give it a go.  You will have spills but more than that it tests you and when you get it right it’s exhilarating.

Mick Extance Offroad Experience

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