Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mark Miller’s IOM TT Report: “But I’m Scared, Pa!”

Mark Miller's IOM TT Report: "But I'm Scared, Pa!" | Road Racer X
Mark Miller’s IOM TT Report on “But I’m Scared, Pa!”

June 18, 2010 by Mark Miller

Hello family and friends,

First, my apologies to those who’ve been asking for the usual, daily updates I’ve been writing throughout the past few TT fortnights—rest assured this year’s TT was again packed with enough intrigue, highs, lows, and deception that its narrative seems more fitted to an action-packed mystery novel than a motorcycle racing meet.

If you like, here’s the complete story, all in one go:

Strange things transpired in the weeks leading up to this year’s TT, beginning with my would-be Superbike team getting robbed.

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