Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Year of the World Motorcycle Community

Here's to a great motorcycling 2014!

The World Motorcycle Community has just passed 6,000 members after being in existence for just one year!

12 months of a great motorcycling community which has covered every possible subject relating to motorcycling and attracted members and contributors from around the world.  Thanks to all who have posted, commented, shared and +1'd.  Here is the Active Motorcycle Posters circle.

I would especially like to thank the current moderators +Karl Hargreaves (posts and comments) +Speed Triple & R1200GS (posts and comments) and +John Nelson (posts and comments) for all of their hard work in making this one of the best and active motorcycle communities on Google+.

2013 has been a great year for motorcycling with Marc Marquez showing the ‘old hands’ how it is done in +MotoGP  by clinching the World Championship in exciting style.  See the Marc Marquez posts on #womoco here

Video Highlights
This is a music video that Ed March filmed while on his 13,000 mile journey from Malaysia to the UK on his trusty Honda C90.  www.c90adventures.co.uk which was originally shared on Google+ by Sushil K Pingua. who is another adventurer.  http://youtu.be/S6f5yA2N_-8
See more videos here and also on the World Motorcyclist YouTube Channel.
Popular Posts
There are some very interesting members on the World Motorcycle Community who have a wealth of experience in motorcycling and here are just a few examples of the most popular posts.

+Nathan Bartley‘s Gixxer Dog has had about 140 +1’s and lots of shares to date.

Take a look at more of the Popular Posts hereTo see more come on over to #womoco.

Beautiful Photo’s
We have had a stack of great motorcycling photo’s posted to #womoco as you can see from Martin Zbořil’s fine example above taken on the Timmelsjoch - Passo Rombo.

See more great photo’s here.  We also started the Motorcycle Photography Community.

And Finally ….
We have to give a special mention to +Firecrest Motorcycle Outfitters who have supported and helped promote the community from the start.  Take a look at some of the fantastic give away’s that they’ve donated to help us celebrate the continuing growth of #womoco.  Firecrest posts here.

Come on in and join a great community.

+Lawrence Duffy

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Town - My Motorcycle Day - January 6th 2014

Calling all motorcyclists. Please Share This Post.

Please post photographs and short videos (60 seconds or less) on My Town - My Motorcycle Day - January 6th 2014 showing the best aspects of your town with your motorcycle in the same photo or video.  You can post as many photos or videos as you like - in fact the more the better as we are trying to get the hashtag #MyTownMyMotorcycle to trend on Google+ and raise the profile and image of motorcycling here.

The hashtag #MyTownMyMotorcycle should first be used on January 6th 2014 if this campaign is to be successful. Please don’t use it before this date, thank you.

Event Link: http://goo.gl/vdbEig

My Town - My Motorcycle Day - January 6th 2014 is supported by the following communities:

World Motorcycle Community - gplus.to/worldmotorcyclecommunity
Classic and Neo Classic Motorcycles - http://goo.gl/hvgRCl
Motorcycle Roadracing - http://goo.gl/z4G8HC
YouTube Adventurers - http://goo.gl/iIdVgi
Women Motorcycle Enthusiasts - http://goo.gl/LJQYQm
UK Motorcycle Riders - http://goo.gl/Hf5aZ6
Basic Motorcycle Mechanics - http://goo.gl/GHxx1F
Aussie Motorcycle Riders - http://goo.gl/JxVclB
Motorcycle Community Moderators - http://goo.gl/qewK1t
Motorcycle Photography Community - http://goo.gl/9ASWdB
Motorcycle Book Club - http://goo.gl/L85xaP
Motorcycle Places To Stay - http://goo.gl/7HM8L1
Motorcycle Traders Community - http://goo.gl/erf6y2
Motorcycle Riders - http://goo.gl/mTchgg

If you want to add your community or blog to the list send a message to +World Motorcyclist or comment below.  If you are a motorcycle related business and want to sponsor the event by donating a prize or service please send a message to +World Motorcyclist.

Photo credit: +Matthias Delay.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Ten Motorcycling Books on #womoco

In the competition we held to win a copy of Touching the World we asked members of the World Motorcycle Community to name their favourite books and here they are in a handy Amazon Carousel.

+Louise Burrows - I loved reading Lois On The Loose. Such a plucky lady!
+Gábor Vásárhelyi - My favorite book is Robert M Pirsig: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
+pat severin - Favorite book "Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (more physiology than bike I know, lol).
+Kjell Arvid Skjelvik - I think I'll have to say Uneasy Rider by Mike Carter, a very entertaining book.
+Attila Algan - I cannot really say which one I like most. Jupiter's Travels or Touching The World... They are both great.
+David Byers - Motorcycle Adventurer by Dr. Gregory Frazier.
+Daniele Dozio - The Adventurous Ride Around The World of Marco Deambrogio (Italy).
+Adam Jaroszuk - Worlds Fastest Indian.
+Juan Pablo Raffaeli - The Motorcycle Diaries.
+Ofir Ramirez-Rios - The Long Way Round, both the book and the documentary.

If anyone named wants to add or remove anything just let me +Lawrence Duffy know.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Win Touching The World Book

Go over to the World Motorcycle Community for your chance to win this unique adventure book.

"An incredible undertaking, narrated with fantastic honesty, illustrating the emotional heights and depths overlanding can occasion" Overland Magazine.

“Your story is terrific, inherently interesting.” Dan Walsh, author of Endless Horizon.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Growing Motorcycling Community on Google+

We have been involved in the creation of some great Motorcycle related Communities and Pages over on +Google+ .  Motorcyclists from around the world have been sharing their stories, photographs and discussions with others eager to join in.

Come on in and take a look at:

World Motorcycle Community #womoco - Over 5100 members!
A lively community covering all aspects of motorcycling Worldwide.

Motorcycle Traders Community - Over 450 members.
Bringing together those involved in motorcycle related trades and to give advice on how to use +Google+ .

Motorcycle Places to Stay Community - Over 130 members.
The members in this community offer to provide each other free places to stay when on our travels around the world.

Motorcycle Photography Community
We've just started this community and it is full of great photographs already!

Come on over and check them out.  Also let us know about your favourite communities.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Win British MotoGP Tickets and a Cal Crutchlow Replica Spidi Suit

In case you missed our announcements yesterday on the World Motorcycle Community take a look at these links to see what we're doing to celebrate the upcoming 4,000 members.

2 Pairs of British MotoGP Tickets







Cal Crutchlow Replica Spidi Suit

Saturday, August 03, 2013

My Favourite Things – Posts On #womoco July 2013

These are some of my favourite posts out of the hundreds posted on the World Motorcycle Community last month.

The first is this computer art by +Louise Burrows which you can see here Ducati Night.  I really like the style of this painting.

The second is an original motorcycle art design Manga style Hamaguchi Racing.

Third in the list of no particular order is this banked track photo posted by +Mohamed Nofli which is here and gives the effect that the bike is clinging to that corner.

+Ashwin Raj T posted a photo that gives the full effect of the beauty and the prospects on a ride through Monument Valley.

+Marco Florian showed us that you can enjoy a day or two riding your bike on a race Track-day and than head off in to the Dolomite Mountains another day.  What a life!

Lastly is +David David's photo of his 75 year old Dad's new Ninja 300.  Old age is definitely the time to start biking if you haven't already tried it. Nothing better for keeping that heart rate up.

Enjoy #womoco.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Motorcycle Places To Stay - FREE

Motorcycle Places To Stay - Google The Motorcycle Places To Stay Community on +Google+  is for those of us who fancy travelling the world without bankrupting ourselves. If we all agree to offer free (no charge) space to other motorcycle travellers we'd be able to travel extensively in return for sharing our spare rooms / sofas / camp beds or just the space for a tent.
You also get to stay with a motorcyclist with a local knowledge of the best roads, places to eat and other invaluable information.
Places are being offered in:
To get free accommodation you need to offer free accommodation to the community.
Join the Community and share the adventure.
Use the hashtag #motorcycleplacestostay .
Thanks to +Paul Tansey  for starting the discussion on the World Motorcycle Community.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's Popular With Bikers On Google+?

Gixxer Dog

You’re a motorcyclist and you have the opportunity to share your ideas and discuss with thousands of other motorcyclists on the World Motorcycle Community on Google+. So what do you think would be the most popular posts? Racing, bike maintenance, motorcycle safety, adventure touring?

Using Circle Count we discovered the top ten posts (based on +1’s and re-shares) were:

  1. Real Life Motorcycle Signals – not what you think.
  2. Gixxer Dog
  3. Michael Rutter Leaning On A Wall
  4. Pee'd Off
  5. Welcome Hiromi Takahashi
  6. Your Car Is A Lethal Weapon
  7. Pick Up The New Diavel Today
  8. Me And My Daughter ... Let The Race Begin....
  9. Go Go Go
  10. Fully Restored 1974 Laverda 750 SF

Which is your favourite motorcycle post that you have seen anywhere online?

Friday, March 08, 2013

Finding Places To Stay

If you are looking for accommodation on your next motorcycle adventure this list may help.
I am surprised that when you search the web accommodation is difficult to find.
If you have any places that you have stayed in or know of please add a link below.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Review - Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots.

Review by +Speed Triple & R1200GS over on the World Motorcycle Community on Google+

Two out of five stars

I was looking for a set of "dual sport" boots that did not break the bank and were of decent quality. I decided on these Fly Racing Maverik boots and I was surprised at the high quality, comfort and performance for a measly 85 dollars or so.

I got them on sale and with free shipping so I was self-congratulatory until +Donald Mittelstaedt asked me about their water resistant capabilities. Errrr... oops. I forgot about that. I assured myself that surely these boots are waterproof to a degree. They have that rubber flappy thing and everything! Later that day I stepped into the bath with one of the boots and started to run the water. As soon as the water was an inch or so high I felt moisture then a torrent. I posted later that they had failed the test however I was hopeful that they would at least keep my feet dry in a rainy ride.  Yesterday a storm blew into the Dallas area and I drove home in a light rain. My commute is about 25 miles and in traffic yesterday it took about 35-40 minutes. I felt dampness on my toes in about 15 minutes and when I got home and took the boots off my socks were fairly damp.

So... in conclusion if you want a cheap comfortable boot that looks good and seems to offer good protection and never expect to ride in the rain or step in a puddle then these boots are for you. In hind sight these boots do not meet my needs and I should not have purchased them. Ah well. Lesson learned.   I think any motocross boot should be somewhat water resistant. I give these boots 2 out of 5 stars.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Hangout With Jorge Lorenzo

On Thursday 21st February Jorge Lorenzo, the current MotoGP World Champion, will be talking face to face with users of Google+.
If you want to join in go here: Invite From Jorge.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

MotoGP 2013 – Team and Rider Websites, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


If you have any updates please let me know here:  World Motorcyclist on Google+

Team Webs Rider Webs  
Avintia Blusens Hiroshi Aoyama Hector Barbera
Came Ioda Racing Project Danilo Petrucci  
Cardion AB Motoracing Karel Abraham  
Ducati Team Nicky Hayden Andrea Dovizioso
Go & Fun Honda Gresini Alvaro Bautista Bryan Staring (No Web)
LCR Honda MotoGP Stefan Bradl  
Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Cal Crutchlow Bradley Smith
NGM Mobile Forward Racing Colin Edwards Claudio Corti
Paul Bird Motorsport Michael Laverty Yonny Hernandez
Power Electronics Aspar Randy De Puniet Aleix Espargaro (No Web)
Pramac Racing Team Ben Spies Andrea Iannone
Repsol Honda Team Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Blog) Marc Marquez
Yamaha Factory Racing Valentino Rossi Jorge Lorenzo
Hector Barbera Nicky Hayden Andrea Dovizioso Alvaro Bautista Bryan Staring
Stefan Bradl Cal Crutchlow Bradley Smith Colin Edwards Claudio Corti
Michael Laverty Yonny Hernandez Aleix Espargaro Ben Spies Andrea Iannone
Dani Pedrosa (1) Marc Marquez Jorge Lorenzo  


Hector Barbera Danilo Petrucci Nicky Hayden Andrea Dovizioso Alvaro Bautista
Bryan Staring Stefan Bradl Bradley Smith Colin Edwards Claudio Corti
Michael Laverty Yonny Hernandez Aleix Espargaro Ben Spies Andrea Iannone
Marc Marquez Jorge Lorenzo      


Hiroshi Aoyama Hector Barbera Andrea Dovizioso Alvaro Bautista Bradley Smith
Ben Spies Andrea Iannone Marc Marquez Valentino Rossi  


Marc Marquez Jorge Lorenzo      

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Drift HD Ghost

Had my first outing with the camera yesterday, just a quick run to the shops for some cold and flu remedies. Not feeling very well at all, but it was so sunny I just had to get the ‘bike out. All I wanted to do was hide under the duvet all day.

There are lots of clips on YouTube reviewing the camera, probably isn’t much I can add to them. I like the size and shape of the camera, lends itself better to helmet cam use than something like a GoPro. I particularly like the fact that you can rotate the lens, so no matter which way you orientate the camera, you can always get the picture the right way up. The remote is great too, no fiddling around with the camera trying to stop and start it with your gloves on. The remote makes this a very simple operation. The mounts are nice and secure, although the fit between the universal clip (which fixes to the base of the camera) and the helmet mount could be a bit more snug. I found it rattled just a little, so added a piece of thin sticky pad under the clip to stop it.

I’ve used Adobe’s Premiere 9 to process the video and upload to YouTube. It think it converts it into an .flv file before uploading. I’m pretty sure the process degrades the quality of the video in comparison to the original file. If anyone has version 11, I’d like to know if you think it’s worth the upgrade.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to bed…

TT Legends - Starts On ITV4 UK Monday 4th Feb 2013

TT Legends is an eight-part series which will debut on ITV4 at 8.30pm on Monday 4th February, 2013.

Grand Prix Racer, a one off documentary about the 2012 IoM TT, will air on ITV4 Tuesday 5th February at 8pm.

www.itv.com - I don't know if the player works outside the UK but you can try. Also on satellite TV.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arai Chaser V

Hi guys, thought I would have a go at posting on a blog to show off my new lid.

After trying on many different makes and models I decided on an Arai Chaser V. It came down to a choice between the Arai, a Shoei XR-1100 or a HJC RPHA-10. Ultimately it was the best fitting helmet for me that helped decide. All 3 have their merits but the Arai fitted my bean head perfectly.

Once that was out of the way, I had to decide on a design. With so many to choose from it proved to be a tough decision to make. Do I wait for a new 2013 design (the Union Jack due out in May was tempting), go for a current design with a bit of colour for a change (the Giugliano Matt looks great), or save a few quid for an older graphic?

This is the one I ended up with, the Strain Silver. Sure, it's not the latest design or anything but I think it looks fantastic. The online shop images don't really do it justice, hopefully these pictures will though. Please note that the Simoncelli 58 on the back doesn't come as standard, that's just my little addition. Have checked with Arai, stickers don't damage the lids.

Best of all, because it's an older graphic, the price was great - £299, not bad considering a new 2013 graphic will set you back up to 460 quid. That saved me some cash for the smoked visor, and some toward a new helmet cam - more about that another day.