Friday, March 08, 2013

Finding Places To Stay

If you are looking for accommodation on your next motorcycle adventure this list may help.
I am surprised that when you search the web accommodation is difficult to find.
If you have any places that you have stayed in or know of please add a link below.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Review - Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots.

Review by +Speed Triple & R1200GS over on the World Motorcycle Community on Google+

Two out of five stars

I was looking for a set of "dual sport" boots that did not break the bank and were of decent quality. I decided on these Fly Racing Maverik boots and I was surprised at the high quality, comfort and performance for a measly 85 dollars or so.

I got them on sale and with free shipping so I was self-congratulatory until +Donald Mittelstaedt asked me about their water resistant capabilities. Errrr... oops. I forgot about that. I assured myself that surely these boots are waterproof to a degree. They have that rubber flappy thing and everything! Later that day I stepped into the bath with one of the boots and started to run the water. As soon as the water was an inch or so high I felt moisture then a torrent. I posted later that they had failed the test however I was hopeful that they would at least keep my feet dry in a rainy ride.  Yesterday a storm blew into the Dallas area and I drove home in a light rain. My commute is about 25 miles and in traffic yesterday it took about 35-40 minutes. I felt dampness on my toes in about 15 minutes and when I got home and took the boots off my socks were fairly damp.

So... in conclusion if you want a cheap comfortable boot that looks good and seems to offer good protection and never expect to ride in the rain or step in a puddle then these boots are for you. In hind sight these boots do not meet my needs and I should not have purchased them. Ah well. Lesson learned.   I think any motocross boot should be somewhat water resistant. I give these boots 2 out of 5 stars.