Saturday, August 03, 2013

My Favourite Things – Posts On #womoco July 2013

These are some of my favourite posts out of the hundreds posted on the World Motorcycle Community last month.

The first is this computer art by +Louise Burrows which you can see here Ducati Night.  I really like the style of this painting.

The second is an original motorcycle art design Manga style Hamaguchi Racing.

Third in the list of no particular order is this banked track photo posted by +Mohamed Nofli which is here and gives the effect that the bike is clinging to that corner.

+Ashwin Raj T posted a photo that gives the full effect of the beauty and the prospects on a ride through Monument Valley.

+Marco Florian showed us that you can enjoy a day or two riding your bike on a race Track-day and than head off in to the Dolomite Mountains another day.  What a life!

Lastly is +David David's photo of his 75 year old Dad's new Ninja 300.  Old age is definitely the time to start biking if you haven't already tried it. Nothing better for keeping that heart rate up.

Enjoy #womoco.