Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arai Chaser V

Hi guys, thought I would have a go at posting on a blog to show off my new lid.

After trying on many different makes and models I decided on an Arai Chaser V. It came down to a choice between the Arai, a Shoei XR-1100 or a HJC RPHA-10. Ultimately it was the best fitting helmet for me that helped decide. All 3 have their merits but the Arai fitted my bean head perfectly.

Once that was out of the way, I had to decide on a design. With so many to choose from it proved to be a tough decision to make. Do I wait for a new 2013 design (the Union Jack due out in May was tempting), go for a current design with a bit of colour for a change (the Giugliano Matt looks great), or save a few quid for an older graphic?

This is the one I ended up with, the Strain Silver. Sure, it's not the latest design or anything but I think it looks fantastic. The online shop images don't really do it justice, hopefully these pictures will though. Please note that the Simoncelli 58 on the back doesn't come as standard, that's just my little addition. Have checked with Arai, stickers don't damage the lids.

Best of all, because it's an older graphic, the price was great - £299, not bad considering a new 2013 graphic will set you back up to 460 quid. That saved me some cash for the smoked visor, and some toward a new helmet cam - more about that another day.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Motorbike Monday on Google+

#MotorbikeMonday is a page which collects together the best biking photo’s on Google+ and was set up by +Rznag Rmrod +Brian Dukes  and  +Mukundh B . The World Motorcycle Community has partnered with them and the photo’s are pouring in.

Here are some examples:

From +Jens KaPunkt

From +Kevin Warren

From +Karl Hargreaves

If you want to see more, and there are lots more, go to Google+ and search for #womoco or #motorbikemonday or go to the #MotorbikeMonday page.

World Motorcycle Community – Close To 1000 Members!

Farias Celebrate

#womoco is nearly at 1000 members and growing really well. To help us celebrate Chaotic Motorcycle Parts And Accessories are offering free shipping for anyone that is in the community on any ADTEC Biker boots! Adtec Motorcycle Boots just show that your a member of the World Motorcycle Community and all shipping in the continental US is free! It’s easy to prove as the membership list is just a click away on the World Motorcycle Community page.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Motorcycle Traders Community on Google+


The invites to join went out at 19:30 UK time yesterday and at 17:30 the membership stood at 58 and growing quickly.  Click on the picture to go to the community.

World Motorcycle Community Passes 900 Members

900 members
I'm happy to announce that the World Motorcycle Community (#womoco) on Google+ has just exceeded 900 members.
We held a special World MotorbikeMonday on Jan 7th 2013 in conjunction with the +#MotorBikeMonday page which saw lots of motorcycle related photo’s published to Google+ with the hashtags #womoco and #motorbikemonday#womoco was 9th in the Google+ Trending list that day.
Come and join us because I'm sure you’ll enjoy it.

Moderators are: +Karl Hargreaves+Speed Triple & R1200GS+Rania Madanat+Rainer Diabl+Eric Kindley and myself +Lawrence Duffy.