Tuesday, February 04, 2014

7.000 miembros. ¡Celebremos!

La World Motorcycle Community (#WoMoCo) ya cuenta con 7.000 miembros.

Para celebrarlo hemos extendido el alcance de nuestra Comunidad a través de lo siguiente:

  • Hemos creado una página central en womoco.org desde donde podrás acceder a nuestra amplia y variada gama de contenidos para moteros y motoristas.
  • Por otra parte, hemos hecho este blog donde podremos comentar en más detalle las noticias de los posts de la #WoMoCo sobre el mundo de las motos y sus personajes.
  • Por último hemos creado una cuenta en Twitter, @WoMoCo_org para poder hacer llegar los posts a mucha más gente y que vengan a formar parte de esta fascinante comunidad de moter@s.

Celebrating 7,000 Members

The World Motorcycle Community #WoMoCo has now reached a total of 7,000 members and to celebrate we've expanded the reach of our community by doing the following:

A few of the 7000
First of all we have set up a Hub Page at womoco.org where you can see all of our resources for motorcyclists. There are plenty of them!

Secondly we have set-up this Blog so that we can expand on the stories posted on #WoMoCo and bring even more coverage of the world of motorcycling and the people involved in it.

The third thing we have done is to set up a #WoMoCo Twitter account @WoMoCo_org so that we can spread the posts even wider and hopefully draw more people in to our ever growing and active community.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

What Do You Think Of These Blogs? Be Honest And Respectful!

With the launch of the #WoMoCo Blog I thought it might be a nice idea to take a look at other Motorcycling Blogs that are available to feed our addiction to Motorcycling. The first batch up for review are those that responded to my post on +Google+ and Twitter showing that they will respond if you ask them to. Here’s the original post on #WoMoCo Calling All Motorcycle Bloggers and on Twitter -
Those who have responded, and therefore get special mention, are:
+EXPERIMENTAL GHOST who said, "I’m a bloke who was born last century in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The topic of choice for my blog is motorcycling, but I may drift off into WTF?-land at times. Visit me at Experimental Ghost, Cheers."
+George Ferreira who wrote, "I'm George, I ride the best bike on the planet :-) Yamaha Super Tenere and I have a blog covering my trips at Riding The USA. Thank you."
+Jacqui Kennedy - "Riding a Postie Bike around Australia Postie Notes."
Jacquis Postie Bike

+Wiggysan Wiggysan wrote, "My blog: Wiggysan Says.  I really don't use it much apart from having live video streams of the #EWC Endurance World Championship races.  The last link was the Le Mans 24hr in September.Due my work with MotoPod and @MotoRaceReports @MotoRaceFeed on Twitter I get a steady number of hits when there is a race on.  The Suzuka 8 Hour Race blog  Welcome To 2013 Suzuka 8 Hour had an average of 1000 views for the last 3 hours. I was also doing live commentary on my personal Twitter account."
+Dan Michael said,  "I run a couple, one focussed solely on my passion for large throbbing v-twins at Ducati Blog.com.au and the other is a more general motorcycle blog with another mate who loves his Harley - Daily Bikers.
Great to hear you have one coming Lawrence!"
+Rania Madanat who is a motorcycling legend on the Social Networks and beyond has a blog called The Chronicles Of Rania and is the creator of the Women Motorcycle Enthusiasts Community over on +Google+.   Her contribution was to point us to her great collection of Motorcycling Blogs on Scoop.it.
+SpiritStrike.com posted, "I created an adventure blog that quickly turned into a motorcycle blog with ride reports and gear reviews. Check it out at Spirit Strike.com."
+John Nelson is one of the moderators on #womoco and has a blog called A Royal Enfield Bulleteer in Spain. He said, "Here are roads I've taken, tapas, Spanish wines, food, bikes and bikers I've had the pleasure of meeting along the way." Go on over and take a look.
+Stefan Kowalewski said,  "My blog is simply my views and thoughts around motorcycling and my motorcycle trips..." Anarchy In The Triangle.

And last but not least there is our blog that you're reading now.  Let us know what you think but most of all enjoy!