Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrating 10,000 - Yes 10,000 - Members!

The World Motorcycle Community #WoMoCo  has now reached the grand total of 10,000 members and as part of the celebration we'd like to remind you of what’s available to you as a motorcyclist here.

First off we have great posts with advice, help, photo’s and every possible type of motorcycling event.  This is the bit where you, the #WoMoCo  members and the active posters, make the difference.  THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT POSTS.  Here is the circle of people who’ve been active posters:  Also thanks to those who haven't yet felt the urge to post but have commented, shared and plussed the communities posts.

Second thanks to the #WoMoCo  Moderators for a great job in keeping the spam out and the quality in.  So thanks +Karl Hargreaves +Speed Triple & R1200GS +John Nelson +Keith Williams +Kev Quirk and +Ofir Ramirez-Rios.

Third take a look at our Hub Page at where you can see all of our resources for motorcyclists. There are plenty of them!  In there you will find our Blog, App, YouTube, Twitter and other communities.  Oh and dont forget the+World Motorcyclist Page.

A special thanks to +Firecrest Motorcycle Outfitters for all the support and great giveaways they’ve provided us with.  Don’t forget all#WoMoCo  members get 10% discount on Firecrest goodies.

Keep those great posts coming everyone and most of all thanks and ENJOY YOUR MOTORCYCLING!

Thanks to +Louise Burrows for the very original artwork.  Take a look at some of her other work here:

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