Thursday, November 13, 2014

Active Posters - Peter Berndt

We have some prolific contributors to the World Motorcycle Community and we will occasionally feature them here.  Below are just a tiny proportion of the photos that +Peter Berndt has posted to #womoco and here you can see more of his posts here.  If you like what he's posting be sure to add him to your circles.

16,000 Members and Climbing!

World Motorcycle Community - #womoco .

Is someone paying people to join?  Or could it be the great content that our active members are contributing?  Whatever it is that a massive increase in a short time.  Welcome To Our Community all you new members.  Tell us a little bit about yourselves, your bikes, rideouts, racing and favourite motorcycling stories.

Thanks to all our moderators for their continuing hard work to keep the community interesting.

#womoco16000   #gobsmacked  

Moderators Choice - October 2014 Posts

Here is my choice from October 2014's posts to #womoco .  I really like the first photo and the event looked to be such a laugh.

The photo will appear as the header for the +World Motorcyclist  page and the background to our hub -

Nice post +Kevin Hagen .   #modschoice  
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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, Milwaukee, September 28 2014